Values Statement

Shared values guide New River Community and Technical College in fulfilling its mission. These values influence thoughts, guide decisions, mold policies, and determine courses of action. Our employees are expected to support and enact these values in our daily work.


  • Commit to the well-being of others.
  • Model behavior that promotes unity.
  • Demonstrate commitment to the College’s mission.
  • Promote a caring and supportive environment.
  • Support continuous personal and professional growth.


  • Practice fairness and honesty.
  • Uphold ethical, professional, academic, and financial standards.
  • Ensure transparency.
  • Be accountable.


  • Respect the freedom and dignity of each individual.
  • Respect and promote diversity.
  • Promote positive attitudes toward each other.
  • Provide equal opportunity for success.
  • Prepare students and employees to work in a global and diverse environment.


  • Provide service to each other and to the community.
  • Be a responsive member of the community.


  • Pursue truth, learning and quality scholarship.
  • Commit to increasing the knowledge of all individuals associated with the College.
  • Foster lifelong learning.
  • Maintain high standards in our constant pursuit of excellence.