Tuition and Fees

New River Community and Technical CollegeI.TUITIONFiscal Year
Full-time resident student (12 hours or more) per semester$2,579
Full-time non-resident student (12 hours or more) per semester$4,070
Course Fees:
Aircraft Maintenance Program Fee (One time charge)$3,200
Aircraft Maintenance Course Fee (Per semester)$150
Automotive Program Fee (1st semester)$0
Automotive Program Fee (2nd semester)$0
Automotive Program Course Fee (Per Credit Hour)$30
Certified Bookkeeper Program Fee (One time charge)$425
Computer Science Course Fee (Per Credit Hour)$18
Computer Science Testing Fee (Per Test)$250
Cosmetology Program Fee (Per Semester)$525
Cosmetology Program Course Fee (Per Credit Hour)$40
Diesel Service Technology Program Fee (1st semester)$0
Diesel Service Technology Program Fee
(2nd semester)
Distance Learning Fee – WEB, WEBDL and ZOOM (Per Credit Hour)*$35
Distance Learning Fee- ETRAD and IVNE (Per Credit Hour)*$9
Distance Learning Fee- WTRAD and IVNH (Per Credit Hour)*$17.50
Distance Learning Fee- WEBP and IVNW (Per Credit Hour)*$26.25
EMT Program Fee (One Time Charge)$410
EMT Program Course Fee (Per Credit Hour)$50
HVAC Program Fee (First Semester)$1,000
Industrial Technology Program Fee (One time charge)$0
Industrial Technology Course Fee (Per Credit Hour)$0
Line Service Mechanic Program Fee (One time charge)$2,000
Line Service Mechanic Course Fee (Per Credit Hour)$30
Machine Tool Technology Program Course Fee (Per Credit Hour)$32
Massage Program Fee (Per Semester)$475
Medical Assisting Program Fee (Semi-Annual)$225
Medical Lab Technician Program Fee (Per Semester)$375
Medical Lab Technician Course Fee (Per Credit)$25
Paramedic Program Fee (One Time Charge)$750
Paramedic Course Fee (Per Credit Hour)$50
Phlebotomy Program Fee (Per Credit Hour)$90
Physical Therapy Assistant Program Fee(Per Semester)$1,145
Practical Nursing Program Fee (Semi-Annual)$1,542
RN Program Fee (Semester 1 & 2)$2,140
RN Program Fee (Semester 3 & 4)$750
RN Course Fee (Per Course)$120
Science Program Fee (Per Credit Hour)$20
Social Service Program Fee (First Semester)$25
Social Service Program Course Fee (Second Semester)$150
Surgical Technology Program Fee (Per Semester)$375
Surgical Technology Course Fee (Per Credit Hour)$25
Welding Course Fee (Per Credit Hour)$70
Welding Program Fee (One time charge)$400
Welding Testing Fee Per Course (as required)$150
Other Fees:
Background Check Fee$50
Drug Testing Fee$50
Board of Governor’s AAS Degree (Portfolio Fee)$300
Board of Governor’s AAS Degree Posting Fee (Per Credit Hour)$10
Portfolio Evaluation Fee$300
Diploma Replacement Fee$25
ID Card Replacement Fee$5
Late Registration$50
Late Tuition Payment Fee$25
Orientation Fee (One time fee – 6 credit hours or more)$75
Parking Tickets$10
Placement Re-Take Testing Fee$10
Portfolio Posting Fee (Per Credit Hour)$10
Prior Learning Assessment Fee$35
Prior Learning Challenge Test Fee (Per test)$75
Prior Learning Portfolio Fee (Per Course)$75
Return Check Fee$25
Stop Check Payment Fee$35
Student Services Fee (Per Credit Hour – students taking 6 credit hours or more)$8
Technology Fee (Per Credit Hour – students taking 6 credit hours or more)$8
E-Transcript Fee (Ordered through the National Student Clearinghouse)$10
Transcript Mailed (Ordered through the National Student Clearinghouse)$7
Tuition Payment Plan (Per Semester)$10
Spring 2024 Refund Schedule:
Jan 16 – Jan 2690%
Jan 27 – February 1670%
February 17 – March 1850%
March 19 – March 2840%

2023-24 Tuition and Fee Information

Tuition Refunds