Transient Student

If you are currently attending another college or university but plan to take a class or more at New River CTC to transfer back to your home school, we consider you a transient student.

For general course transfer information, see our transfer agreements page.  If you need a syllabus for evaluation for transfer, complete the form below.

Syllabus Request

Please provide the name of the course syllabus that you are requesting.

Application Information

As a transient student, you must submit the following material before registering for classes at New River CTC:

  • An Application for Admission form every semester you enroll.
  • A transient (course permission/visiting student) form from the college or university you currently attend. The form must be signed by your institution’s Registrar along with other required signatures. Check with your advisor or Registrar’s Office to obtain the form. Your college may send the form directly to us at or you may supply the copy by email to the Office of Admissions. Most transient forms do not require your contact information, so please reach out to the Office of Admissions to confirm that we have received your form.
  • Once we have received your transient form, you may register for classes when new student registration opens. Once new student registration opens, you may register for your classes online, by phone or email. If registering online, contact the Student Success Center for your pin number. If registering via email, we must have your confirmation to register you for a class.
  • IMPORTANT: A transient student is responsible for payment and your institution will reimburse you if you qualify for financial aid/loans. For payment due dates, see New River CTC’s Academic Calendar.

If you have questions regarding your general admission status, the criteria to register or the admission checklist, contact your local campus Office of Admissions.

Advanced Technology Center Megan Mohn 304-929-3315
Greenbrier Valley Campus Deena Stewart 304-647-6565
Mercer County Campus Harry “Gene” Whitlow 304-818-2012
Nicholas County Campus Martha Baisden 304-883-2437
Raleigh County Campus Cynthia “Cindy” Dalton 304-929-5469
Director of Enrollment Services Tracy Evans 304-929-5480
After completing your coursework each semester, you must request an official transcript through New River CTC’s Registrar’s Office to transfer your course(s) back to your home institution.