The Plot Thickens Writing Workshop offered through New River CTC

Learn how to craft page-turning storylines in a special summer edition of author Belinda Anderson’s “The Plot Thickens” workshop, offered through New River Community and Technical College in June 2023.

“Readers love trying to figure out what’s happening and what’s about to happen,” Anderson said. “This course focuses on the element of plot in relation to character and setting. Knowing how to compellingly present a course of events is important in both fiction and nonfiction.”

The class is designed both for experienced and beginning writers.

“The Plot Thickens” will meet for three weeks on Thursdays at 10 a.m. starting June 8, 2023. This is an audio-only conference call course.

Students can attend the class either by phone or through an internet conference call connection (high-speed internet is not required). Class meetings will include lecture, time for questions and participant sharing, and group e-mail follow-up as needed.

Plot is an important ingredient in Anderson’s own writing, including both fiction and nonfiction. “Mystery builds upon mystery in this engaging tale,” author and publisher Cat Pleska wrote about one of Anderson’s books. “It’s a thinking person’s wild ride.”

“One of Anderson’s major strengths is that her storytelling can turn on a dime,” reviewer Eric Fritzius wrote of another of her books.

Tuition for the class is $75, and the registration deadline is May 18, 2013. Participants will be emailed the conference call number and access codes after registering and paying for the class.

Visit for information on upcoming classes or register for the course or contact Gloria Kincaid (304-793-6101,

Learn more about Anderson and her work online at

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