Our Information Technology Services team prides itself on providing excellent customer service and support. We provide solutions to a wide variety of technical issues and access to both online and printed information resources.

Many of the links on this page will take you to services we provide or that we administer. Although the links to these services will take you directly to the information, some of our online services require authentication and have been integrated through our MyNewRiver portal (https://my.newriver.edu), making it much easier to access using single sign-on.

Use the links below to learn more about us, the projects we are involved in, our services, and the non-credit workshops we offer for employees. New students and employees may also learn more about us and our online services from orientation training sessions. Contact your advisor or supervisor for more information.

Information Technology Services

About Us our names, schedules, positions, responsibilities, and contact information
Banner Account Request Form download and fill out this form to request a Banner account for an employee
Banner Links we administer the Ellucian Banner 9 databases that are hosted at WVNET
Blackboard Learn 9 we administer Blackboard Learn 9 which is hosted at WVNET
DegreeWorks – Degree Auditing System DegreeWorks is a degree auditing system and is accessible through the portal (under Faculty Services for faculty and under Student Services for students) and through Self-Service Banner.
Distance Education New River courses are offered in a variety of formats; this page explains these modalities
DropGuard – Early Alert System implemented in Spring 2017, DropGuard is available through the portal and through Blackboard (instructors record Milestones and Warnings to alert students by email regarding attendance and satisfactory progress; Student Success Center staff also receive the alerts) (How to Take Attendance with DropGuard)
Ellucian On-Demand Subscription Library web-based training system designed specifically for administrative end-users (and those folks providing functional support) of Ellucian products.
Email we administer the Exchange 2016 system that provides email accounts for all students and employees
Emergency Alert System the College portal is the delivery system for emergency notifications, but users must login to the portal and input cell phone information to receive notifications on cell phones
Help Desk we assist users with technical issues and we administer the trouble ticket system used for communication regarding technical issues
InterLibrary Loan please use this form to request an InterLibrary Loan (ILL), which means we borrow the book for you and send it to your campus
Interactive Video Network (IVN) we use Zoom to manage videoconferencing classrooms and it includes a Cloud-based repository for IVN recordings
Internet Native Banner the College utilizes Ellucian Banner 9 (previously SCT Banner) as our primary enterprise data system for student, finance and financial aid information
Institutional Review Board this page is describes the IRB process and procedures used at New River
Library Services in July 2014 Library Services was organizationally re-aligned with Information Technology Services
Mission an explanation of our mission
Mobile App the New River mobile app is available for both Android OS and Apple’s iOS
myNewRiver Portal we administer the myNewRiver portal which is hosted by Unifyed (previously named CampusEAI)
Objectives these objectives guide the direction we’re heading with technology initiatives for New River
Orientation Overview we provide information to new studentsfaculty, and employees as part of orientation
People Search we host and administer a searchable directory of all New River students and employees (includes phone numbers and email addresses for employees but campus addresses for students)
Phones we directly administer and support the New River VoIP phone system comprised of over 220 phones
Presentations we sometimes do presentations and training as part of conferences and events
Procedures these procedures guide our administration of services and provide expectations for user responsibilities
Projects we are routinely involved in a number of concurrent projects and initiatives
Self-Service Banner we assist users with accessing and using Self-Service Banner which is hosted at WVNET and also available through the myNewRiver Portal to all students and employees; former students are unable to access the portal, but may obtain copies of transcripts directly through Self-Service Banner
Services we’ve listed the services we provide and grouped them by specialized staff expertise
Training and Workshops we provide brief non-credit workshops for employees that focus on uses of technology
WWW we administer the College’s primary web site (WWW) which is now hosted by Cucumber and Company