Student Success Hazel A. Ervine

Hazel A. Ervine completed her studies at New River CTC in December, earning an Associate of Applied Science in Business: Accounting. She begins her new job as an accounting technician II at Denmar Correctional Center today.

Hazel has earned two degrees from New River CTC. Her first was in general education, working part time and driving from Green Bank to Lewisburg to complete classes. Having held entry-level positions with no chance for advancement since high school, she wanted to return to school for a more career specific degree and she wanted to live in Pocahontas County. “When thinking about job options, I chose accounting because I felt that it would give me the tools that I needed for a new career,” she explained. “And I was about to take almost all of my coursework either online or through IVN at One Room University.”
Congratulations, on your new career, Hazel!