In the Student Success Center, we are committed to providing all students the opportunity to achieve academic success by providing a variety of services free of charge. Students can receive placement testing (ACCUPLACER) for admission purposes, tutoring, academic advising, test/quiz proctoring, disability counseling, career assessment, and success workshops. Student Success Centers are located on each campus and are staffed with qualified and friendly educational counselors.

The Student Success Centers enhance the services already provided to our students. Many students need to increase their basic skills in math, reading, and writing while others may need substantial computer skills as well as upgrading their personal effectiveness skills including problem solving.

Educational Counselors in the Student Success Centers help students in overcoming barriers to a successful completion of their college program.


Director, Student Success Center
Interim Dean of Student Services
Peter Hoeman

SSC Greenbrier Valley Campus, Lewisburg
Rachel Kelly

SSC Mercer County Campus, Princeton
Wennetta Marie Rhodes

SSC Nicholas County Campus, Summersville
Sherry Shaffer

SSC Raleigh County Campus, Beaver
Advanced Technology Center, Ghent
Alberto Razo

Lorraine Young

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