Special Student

If you wish to take college credit courses for personal enrichment or job improvement and not for the purposes of pursuing a Certificate of Applied Science, Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science Degree, you may enroll as a special (non-degree or certificate seeking) student. As a special student you may take any course offered for which you qualify. Your work as a special student will be evaluated by the Registrar at the end of each semester to determine whether your academic performance indicates an ability to continue your studies. You must meet with an academic advisor by the time you have completed 15 credit hours of coursework to discuss program and curriculum objectives.

As a special student, you must submit the following for admission:

  • An enrollment form for admission every semester you enroll.
  • An unofficial copy of college transcripts from previous institutions (if applicable) when prior coursework will meet prerequisite requirements.

IMPORTANT- Special (Non-degree or certificate seeking) is not the same as “undecided.” If you are uncertain of your major, interest, or whether you would like to pursue a certificate (C.A.S.) or degree, please call or visit the Student Success Center to discuss taking a career inventory prior to applying for admission.

Special non-certificate or non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid according to federal regulations. You must apply for admission as a Certificate of Applied Science or degree seeking student and fulfill additional requirements in order to be eligible for financial aid. Changes may not be made to admission application/student type after the semester begins. An Advanced Skill Set Certificate (A.S.S.C) does not qualify for state or federal financial aid.