Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

This policy applies to Title IV and Non-Title IV recipients.
Academic Progress is measured at the end of each semester.

A. Cumulative Grade Point Average and Attempted Hours

  1. A student receiving federal aid must maintain an overall 2.0 cumulative grade point average and complete at least 67% of all hours attempted.
  2. Any financial aid recipient failing to meet the required grade point average and/or complete 67% of attempted hours will be notified in writing.
  3. All attempted hours count for the review of standards of progress, including transfer hours from other institutions.

B. Warning Status

  1. An extension of one semester of WARNING will be granted.
  2. Students attending on WARNING status must complete all classes for which they are registered and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0.
  3. During the warning status, a student may receive federal and/or state aid. This may be limited based on academic standing.

C. Suspension Status

The period of ineligibility for financial aid (SUSPENSION STATUS) will extend until the student meets the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy. While in SUSPENSION STATUS, the student will not be able to receive financial assistance.

D. Time Limitations / Excessive Hours

Students who have already attempted the cumulative equivalent of 150% of program credit hours will not be able to receive financial assistance.

* The percent includes attempted transfer hours from other institutions. The maximum is reached between 90-96 attempted credit hours at a two-year institution.

E. Appeal Process

If there are special circumstances that cause a student to need more than the allotted number of semesters to complete an Associate Degree or a Certificate program, the student may appeal. If there are extenuating circumstances that have caused a student not to meet the progression requirement after a semester of WARNING, the student should submit a Financial Aid Appeal form. Forms are available under Financial Aid Forms. If a student has been placed on Financial Aid Suspension, they may appeal. Students are referred to their Student Success Coach for an Academic Plan of Improvement. If the Academic Plan of Improvement and subsequent appeal is approved, they will be placed on probation. If the Academic Plan of Improvement is not followed during the probationary semester, the student will be placed on financial aid suspension and will not be eligible for financial aid.

Revised 01-26-2022