One recent improvement available at New River CTC is online registration for classes and this opportunity is no longer restricted by GPA. But be advised, any student choosing online course registration will need to first obtain a PIN number and if you are not a current student you will need to complete the online New Student Checklist.  

Current students may obtain a PIN number from his or her Advisor or the Student Success Center if the Advisor is not available.  All other students (new, first-time freshman, transient, transfer, special, and readmitted students) may obtain the PIN from a staff member in the Admissions office.

Follow these simple steps to register online for classes:

  1. Review the class schedule to identify the courses you need (see class schedules).
  2. Contact your Advisor to obtain a PIN (see Find Your Advisor).
  3. Register Online for Classes (see Registration Online).

So, to recap the above information the links you’ll need are provided below:

Class Schedules
Find Your Advisor
New Student Checklist
Registration Online

Admissions Office contacts – ( or one of the campus phone numbers listed below)

Advanced Technology Center
Nicholas County Campus
Greenbrier Valley Campus
Raleigh County Campus
Mercer County Campus

You may also contact our Help Desk (304-929-6725 or for assistance.