If you are applying as a Certificate or Degree seeking student, a Transient, a Special non-degree seeking student, or a Provisional current high school student, applications are accepted online through CFWV.com (students must create an account) or by PDF that may be returned by email or via a printed application. Please note not all browsers support fillable PDFs. If you are using the fillable PDF version, you may receive a message that states the form is not supported by your browser. If so, either click on “open with a different browser” or save the PDF to your computer and open it using Adobe Acrobat. You may also request an application copy by emailing admissions@newriver.edu.

You may apply in person at any of our locations or request to receive an application by US mail by emailing admissions@newriver.edu. If you are applying for a New River CTC Workforce Education continuing education course or program, contact Workforce Education directly for registration information. Once you’ve completed you application visit the New and Readmitted Student Registration page for your next steps or click here for our Certificate- and Degree-Seeking, New Student Checklist.

Please review student types in order to choose correctly for your application for admission.

What Type of Student Are You?

The documentation required for admission varies by student type. Please review the following descriptions of student types to determine the documentation we require for your admission. Changes may not be made to the student type on the application for admission after classes begin. If you are uncertain of your major, interest, or whether you would like to pursue a Certificate of Applied Science, Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science degree, please call or visit the Student Success Center to discuss taking a career inventory prior to applying for admission.

You will receive notification once we process your application and be notified of any documents required for your admission file. All requested documents should be mailed directly from the school or agency to the campus Office of Admissions location you will be attending or if an online student, choose the closest campus you will work with.

Important Application Information for all Students

  • All material and documents submitted in order to complete your admission file become the property of New River Community and Technical College
    • Transcripts or copies of transcripts from other entities such as colleges and high schools will not be released to the student or to third parties.
  • Admission file requirements must be satisfied in order to become a fully admitted student and in order to receive financial aid/loans.
  • All of your former names must be listed on the Application for Admission. If you attended a high school or college under a previous name, it must be listed on the application in order for the Office of Admissions to match and process the document.
  • You must list all former colleges and/or universities attended on the Application for Admission. A student who fails to acknowledge attendance or registration at any post-secondary institution is subject to immediate dismissal or repayment of financial aid/loans. You must list all institutions on your Application for Admission, including institutions where you withdrew from courses if a transcript was created.
  • Placement test scores such as ACT, SAT or Accuplacer must have been taken within 5 years before the date of Application for Admission to be accepted.
  • It is your responsibility to provide accurate information on the Application for Admission form. An incorrect social security number or date of birth will stop or delay the application process and/or financial aid processing. This may result in the request for a tuition payment even if you are otherwise eligible for financial aid. Review your application for accuracy prior to submission.
  • Admission to the College does not ensure your entry into specific programs, nor does it imply eligibility to enroll in a particular course with established prerequisites or to enter a Select Admission Program that has a limited number of spaces and certain minimum entrance requirements.
  • If you withdraw from New River CTC, you must reapply for admission to return to the College.