At completion of the PTA Program the student will:

  1. Perform in a safe manner that minimizes the risk to patient, self, and others.
  2. Demonstrate expected clinical behaviors in a professional manner in all situations.
  3. Perform in a manner consistent with established legal standards, standards of the profession, and ethical guidelines.
  4. Adapt delivery of physical therapy services with consideration for patients’ differences, values, preferences, and needs.
  5. Communicate in ways that are congruent with situational needs.
  6. Participate in self-assessment and develops plans to improve knowledge, skills, and behaviors.
  7. Demonstrate clinical problem solving.
  8. Perform selected therapeutic exercises in a competent manner.
  9. Apply selected manual therapy, airway clearance, and integumentary repair and protection techniques in a competent manner.
  10. Apply selected physical agents and mechanical modalities in a competent manner.
  11. Apply selected electrotherapeutic modalities in a competent manner.
  12. Perform functional training in self-care and home management and application and adjustment of devices and equipment in a competent manner.
  13. Produce quality documentation in a timely manner to support the delivery of physical therapy services.
  14. Participate in the efficient delivery of physical therapy services.

Physical Therapist Assistant Clinical Performance Instrument 
American Physical Therapy Association 2009