Policy Directory

In 2020, New River Community and Technical College began reviewing College policies and instituted a new classification process. Within each of the classes listed below both new New River and Board of Governors policies can be found. Prior College policy links can be found from www.newriver.edu/human-resources/.

General Policies

BOG 1.1 Board of Governors Policy Criteria

BOG 1.2 Harassment and Discrimination

NR1.1 New River Policy Criteria

NR 1.2 Freedom of Information Requests

NR 1.3 Inclement Weather and Emergency

Finance Policies

No new policies at this time

Human Resources Policies

NR 3.1 Recruitment and Selection

NR 3.2 Employment Background Screening

Academic Affairs Polices

NR 4.1 Faculty Evaluation

NR 4.2 Promotion and Tenure

Student Affairs Policies

No new policies at this time

Technology Policies

BOG 6.1 Information Security

NR 6.1 Telework Procedure

NR 6.2 Computer Use

Institutional Advancement

NR 7.1 Social Media Procedure