Office of Communications

The Office of Communications serves as the official coordinating department for all communications of the College.

The Communications staff manage all external communications including media relations; advertising (except legal or job vacancy advertising); promotion of special events; development of publications including the Annual Report, and brochures; signage; the College website and the presence of any New River CTC entity on a social media platform. The Office also manages internal communications including the From the Hawks Nest newsletter for faculty and staff.


New River CTC News

Annual Report

2015-16 and 2016-17 Annual Report

2017-18 and 2018-19 Annual Report


Mykah Price 
Director of Communications

Communication Request Forms

Need assistance? We’re here to help. Complete one of our forms allowing us approximately two weeks.


Select the PowerPoint flyer template option below, or contact the Office of Communications for additional options:


Files for all College brands (New River logo, Seal, Mascot logo, Foundation etc.) may be obtained by emailing the Office of Communication.  Be sure to include how the logo will be used, if it will be displayed over any color, and what program will be used to insert the logo.

The acceptable names for the College are New River Community and Technical College or New River CTC. The abbreviation NRCTC is not acceptable.

Guidelines for the appropriate use of the New River CTC logo along with color and font information can be found on the Branding Quick Reference Guide.

Please note that it is not appropriate to use the logo with a white box in the background. If you will be using the logo against a dark backdrop, please contact the Office of Communications for a logo with a transparent background .

News Media

Members of the news media are asked to work through the Office of Communications to schedule interviews. However, reporters will sometimes contact a campus or department directly rather than going through our office. Television crews have been known to arrive unannounced. If reporters contact you directly, please ask them to contact the Office of Communications for assistance. If they simply show up, please notify the office of their presence. In most cases it will be fine for someone at the campus to talk to a reporter, but we need notified.

Publicity and Advertising

The Office of Communications is the only department authorized to send information to the news media or to place advertisements (other than employment ads or bid announcements) in print or broadcast media.

If you would like assistance in promoting a program, class or event on your campus, the Communication’s Office can assist with either publicity or advertising. Publicity involves preparing a news release and/or public service announcement, which is sent to the newspapers and/or radio and they run it free of charge (although whether they print it or not is up to them). The newspapers in our market are very good about running our news releases, but there is no guarantee.

Paid advertisements can be placed in newspapers, television, or on the radio. The Communication’s Office already has contracts in place to run ads throughout the year, these are available by request for new programs, etc.  Additional spots can be purchased at our discounted rates and charged to a departmental budget.  Please submit your request for advertising or public relations assistance at least three weeks in advance.


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