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Search Committee Members (updated 7/24/2018):

  1. Leslie Baker, Board of Governors
  2. Thomas Lemke, Board of Governors
  3. Shirley Runyon, Board of Governors
  4. Lizabeth Rogers, Professor, Business, Faculty Representative
  5. Brian Testerman, Associate Professor, Business/Computer Sciences, Faculty Representative
  6. Karen Tully, Instructor, Allied Health, Faculty Representative
  7. Kenny Smith, Human Resources Asst. III, Classified Staff Representative
  8. Jerry Wallace, Dean, Workforce, Technical and Community Education, Non-Classified Staff Representative
  9. Yvonne Seay, Community Representatives
  10. Ronald Magruder, Community Representative
  11. Amanda Adkins, Board of Governors Student Representative
  12. Leah Taylor, Vice President for Administrative and Student Services or Human Resources designee (ex-officio/non-voting)

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Presidential Search Progress Reports:

Report 1 June 7, 2018

Report 2, July 24, 2018

Report 3, September 19, 2018

Report 4, October 11, 2018