New and Readmitted Student Registration

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Welcome to New River CTC! Here you will find registration criteria and information on scheduling an advising appointment.

If you are planning to major in a select admit program such as Medical Laboratory Technician, Emergency Medical Services, Paramedic or Practical Nursing, please let us know, and we will refer you to the department in order to schedule your classes once you have met the criteria for registration. For select admission program entry, a student must first apply for admission to the College, be fully admitted with their general admission, and have completed online orientation in order to register for classes.

Student Types and Registration Information

As a new (first-time freshman or transfer) student who will be certificate (C.A.S) or degree seeking, in order to make an appointment to register for classes you must:

  • Have completed a current application for admission for the semester you wish to enroll
  • Have successfully completed and scored a minimum of 7 out of 10 on online orientation
  • Have submitted placement test scores taken within 5 years from the date of application (ACT, SAT or complete New River CTC’s placement test in the Student Success Center)


  • completed college level English and math with proof provided by your official college transcripts sent from all colleges attended or have submitted unofficial college transcripts for advising purposes only. If you are a transfer student, your financial aid cannot by dispersed if you have not sent official transcripts. Financial aid cannot be dispersed if you have not submitted all documents requested through Admissions.


Student Success Center contact numbers for testing questions:

Advanced Technology Center
Greenbrier Valley Campus
Mercer County Campus
Nicholas County Campus
Raleigh County Campus

If you are a re-admitted student, special student or transfer student, select your student type below for information on requirements for registration*:

Re-admitted student

Special students (not certificate or degree seeking)

  • Special students are not eligible for state or federal financial aid. Only certificate (C.A.S.) or degree seeking students are eligible. Skill set certificates are not eligible.
  • You must have met any course prerequisite requirements when applicable in order to register and have proof of meeting the requirements. You may submit unofficial transcripts, ACT or SAT placement test scores within 5 years from the date of application or take New River CTC’s placement test in the Student Success Center.
  • If no prerequisites are listed for the course or courses, you will only need to complete a registration form with us after applying for admission. Course prerequisites may be viewed in our current year catalog under Course Descriptions near the back of the catalog.

Transient students (visiting from another institution)

If you have questions regarding your general admission status, the criteria to register or the admission checklist, contact your local campus Office of Admissions.

Advanced Technology Center Megan Mohn 304-929-3315
Greenbrier Valley Campus Deena Stewart 304-647-6565
Mercer County Campus Harry “Gene” Whitlow 304-818-2012
Nicholas County Campus Martha Baisden 304-883-2437
Raleigh County Campus Cynthia “Cindy” Dalton 304-929-5469
Director of Enrollment Services Tracy Evans 304-929-5480