LPN Gainful Employment Information


Q. How much will this program cost me?                
A. Tuition and Fees:                      $8,042.00  
     Books and Supplies:                $1,800.00             
     On-Campus room & board:      Not offered         


Q. What are my financing options to pay for the program?                

A. In addition to grant and scholarship aid for which students are eligible, 85.3% of graduates (2010-2011) used loans to finance their education (tuition, fees, books, supplies and funds including educational costs allowed for living expenses, transportation, and personal allowance). The median debt* for program graduates was by year: 2010-2011 $2,766.00                

 * Median loan debt from the Title IV only-No Completers had private loans or institutional financing during this time period.                  


Q, How long will it take me to complete this program?                

A. The program is designed to take 11 months to complete. The percent of graduates from this program that finished in this time by year are: 2014-2015 100%                

Q. What are the chances of getting a job when I graduate?                
A. The job placement rate** for students who complete the program is by year 2014-2015. Data calculation will be provided by the National Center for Educational Statistics at a future date.

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