Financial Aid Forms

Welcome! Financial Aid forms for the 2021-2022 and 2022-23 award years can be found here. To protect your information, New River CTC asks that you use SecureBox to submit your financial aid forms. If you have questions for our financial aid office, please use your New River CTC email account to contact us.  FERPA guidelines do not allow us to respond with specific account information to financial aid questions received from personal email accounts.

Location contacts:

Advanced Technology Center & Raleigh County Campusdfeijo@newriver.edu
Greenbrier Valley Campussfry@newriver.edu
Mercer County Campusdfeijo@newriver.edu
Nicholas County Campussfry@newriver.edu

To use the fillable pdf forms, please follow the instructions below:

Make Adobe Acrobat Reader the Default PDF Viewer

1. Click the Windows Start button | Settings.
2. Open Apps and select Default Apps
3. Scroll to the bottom of the right column and click on Choose default apps by file type
4. Locate the file type .PDF To the right of this file type is the program that is currently set as default. If Adobe Reader is your default it will be listed and you have nothing to change. If not simply click on the current app and select Adobe Reader from the drop down list.

Here is a how to article help document from Adobe.


Return forms using the secure SafeBox link located at the bottom of the form.

Directions for SecureBox Link:

  • Click your campus/SafeBox Link.
  • This will open your browser, which will prompt you to type your name, email address, cell number, subject (please put your complete name in the subject line), verify you are not a robot, click the check box, then click create SafeBox. (You may also be instructed to verify with a code that is sent to your email).
  • After completing that short form, you will get an email message (at the email address you just supplied) with a link to access Safebox.
  • Click the Access SafeBox link and then drag and drop your form(s) or browse for the form(s) you are sending (you will see it added).  You may also include a message if needed. 
  • Click send.