Finance Forms

Below you will find New River CTC’s Finance Department forms:

Disposal Form
Employee Reimbursement Request
Hospitality Documentation
PRF (Blank) (Revised June 22, 2023)
Single Sole Source Justification Form
Travel Authorization Form (Revised June 22, 2023)
Travel Settlement Form (updated March 15, 2023)
W9 (Blank Form)
WV48 Agreement with Terms and Conditions
WV96 fillable

Purchasing Processes

Once a PRF for service is approved, a signed contract is required before the services are performed.
Once you fill out a WV48 (or vendor terms and conditions) with the correct vendor’s name, correct date, service description, and amount, e-mail the agreement to the CFO and Purchasing Director for review. Also, provide the vendor’s contact information so we can email the contract to the vendor for signature. 

The sign date of the agreement has to precede the start date of the service.

Once the contract is complete with signatures, the Finance Department will scan it to you so you can proceed with your service setup.

Receipt of goods
Purchasing will send an e-mail to the PRF requestor when an order is placed. When you receive the order, the appropriate employee should verify the order is correct.  Once the order is verified, please print the receipt that was e-mailed to you and sign off on the receipt.  (There will be a stamp already on the receipt for signature.)  Return or e-mail this back to the employee who ordered it for their documentation.

Office of Communications orders
To order name badges, business cards or envelopes with the College logo, you will need to complete the online form along with an approved PRF for the purchase:

Business card & Name badge form
Print material request form

Travel Authorization Form 2021 (1) Travel-Authorization-Form-2023 TravelExpenseSettlementForm Travel-Authorization-Form-2023TravelExpenseSettlementForm