Registrar’s Office FAQ

Official Transcripts & Enrollment Verification

First, fill out, print and sign an Official Transcript Request Form. Second, contact the Business Office to pay for the transcript. Lastly, turn in the request to the Registrar’s office. The form provides many options to contact the Business Office and to turn in your form.

You can provide someone with written permission to pick up your transcript. Your written permission must be left with the Registrar’s Office.

No.  However, you can print an unofficial copy your transcript. Click here for the links and instructions.

When a transcript request form is returned to a student, the original form is enclosed with the reason for the return. You must resubmit the form before the Registrar’s Office will process the request.

On average, and if there is no reason for the request to be returned, it takes the Registrar’s Office two business days to send out your request. Depending on the transcript’s destination it may take 3 to 7 business days by mail.

There are several reasons that will delay the processing of your transcript request:

  1. The transcript fee has not been paid- the request can not be processed if the one time $15 (US) fee is not paid
  2. Has a financial obligation to the college
  3. Incomplete request form
  4. Request not signed
  5. Timing- Transcript request processing is delayed during final grade collection for a term.

If you are enrolled and marked paid by the Business Office, it takes on average 7 business days for the Registrar’s office to process and send out a verification form.


You can view your grades for every semester you have attended New River in Self-Service Banner.

There are numerous reasons for this: a hold on your account, grades have not been turned in, or you have been deleted from the system for non-payment. Please contact the Registrar’s Office for help.

Your first step is to contact the Faculty member who taught your course. If that does not resolve the issue, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

No. Student academic records are confidential , and there is no way to verify identity for a phone conversation.  This is in accordance with FERPA, the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act.

Graduation & Commencement

You should apply for graduation the semester before you plan to graduate. Our graduation application is available online.

Graduation is being awarded a degree or certificate. A student is graduated from the college only after completing all degree or certificate requirements, completing a graduation application, and paying all outstanding fees.

Commencement is the graduation ceremony, held once a year in May. It is a celebration of accomplishments. Students are not required to walk in the commencement ceremony, nor does it guarantee graduation. You may participate in commencement, even if your graduation term is not the same as the one in which the ceremony is held. It is important to make sure you meet with your advisor to confirm all requirements are being met.

Other Common Questions

If you are withdrawing from all your classes, even if it is before the term starts, you must fill out a “Complete Withdraw Form”. You may pick up this form at any of our Campuses.

If you have been approved to take transient hours from another institution it is your responsibility to send an official transcript to the New River Community and Technical College Registrar’s Office within thirty days of the conclusion of that term. If the transcript is not received, a hold will be placed on your student records. If you change or drop these courses, please notify the New River Registrar’s Office in writing.

Once your admission file is complete, it will take on average 3 to 4 weeks to evaluate and enter your transcripts.