Fleet Management

The West Virginia Fleet Management Division provides overall management services for 7,500 1 ton and under classified vehicles, to ensure that these vehicles are appropriate for the transportation needs of the users, to interface with all levels of State Government, and to coordinate the involvement of state agencies that lease and manage vehicles.

College employees must complete the following steps annually to be able to drive a State Vehicle, leased, rented or requesting mileage reimbursements for personal vehicle usage through New River CTC.

  1. Complete Annual Driver Training
  2. Have a valid driver’s license on file with New River CTC Fleet
  3. Driver Training Record on File: Online Training site, Defensive Driving Training and DMV Driver’s License Record, DOA FM 023.

Drivers who are up for annual training will receive an email from “I Drive Safely” to access the online training. Individuals who are not current with defensive driver training and not meet the above requirements will NOT be able to drive a state vehicle, leased vehicle, rental vehicle or request reimbursement. 


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