EDGE Credit

EDGE Transcript Request Form

New River EDGE Credit Matrix

What is EDGE?

It stands for “Earn a Degree – Graduate Early”. Students take approved career and technical courses in high school that convert to a variety of college credits offered through community and technical colleges of West Virginia, including New River CTC. This college credit is free! The EDGE program is an initiative of the West Virginia Department of Education and the West Virginia Community and Technical College System (Title 135/Series 28).

If you are a high school student…

You can earn a college degree and graduate early! Through New River CTC and the West Virginia EDGE initiative, you can take high school/college courses that will take the place of courses required for your college degree. These EDGE credits are available for transfer to New River CTC by requesting your official EDGE transcript (EDGE transcript request form). Be sure to tell your college advisor if you have EDGE credits when registering for classes.

How can EDGE help me?

If you take the right courses in high school/college, you can save on your college tuition costs. Community and technical colleges offer great careers with high-skill and high wage jobs available through one- and two-year programs. Students who take the college credit courses can sometimes earn a Certificate or Associate Degree in as little as one year after high school.

Who can participate in EDGE?

All WV high school/college students can participate if the courses are connected to the skilled pathway in their cluster and major.

What are some examples of EDGE credits?

The college credits you can earn at New River CTC after graduating from high school are identified on the New River EDGE Credit Matrix.

How do I enroll in EDGE while in high school?

Talk with your high school college counselor or teacher to confirm course participation in EDGE. Students enrolled in EDGE courses must pass the approved course with a grade of “C” or higher. You will also need to complete an EDGE transcript request form and submit it for college credit when the course is completed. EDGE credits can be applied to a Certificate or an Associate Degree at no cost to you.

Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my EDGE credit?

Contact New River CTC’s Registrar’s Office, registrar@newriver.edu or 304-929-5032.

What happens after I complete the EDGE credit transcript request form?

The Registrar’s Office will evaluate your high school course or courses and notify you by email once complete. Your applicable college credit will be applied to your New River CTC transcript once you have completed your 1st class at New River CTC.

You must notify your Coach or advisor when registering for your initial classes that you have EDGE credit and what credit you will receive to prevent course duplication.

The EDGE Advantage at New River CTC:

  1. Jump start your college education by earning you “free” community college credits while you’re still in high school that apply toward a Certificate or Associate Degree.
  2. Saves you money on college tuition.
  3. Prepares you for success.
  4. Makes it possible for you to earn a Certificate or Associate Degree in as little as one year after high school.

The Southeastern EDGE Consortium, of which New River is a member, serves the schools in the counties of Fayette, Greenbrier, Mercer, Monroe, Nicholas, Pocahontas, Raleigh, Summers, and Webster.