Current Student Registration

Current Student Priority Registration

Check the Academic Calendar for dates. Current students are encouraged to register for classes during this time.

You may register after these dates but registering as early as possible gives currently enrolled students the opportunity to enroll in the classes needed to graduate on time before the seats in a class become full. Delaying registration can limit your selection of courses; some classes fill up quickly! Waiting to register may also delay financial aid processing and which can affect your ability to purchase the books you need for class on time.

Steps for Registration:

  • Make an appointment with your advisor.

You may find the name of your advisor by following the steps on this page.
Faculty advisors will have their office hours posted on their office door and contact information may be found in our College Directory.

  • Bring these items to your appointment:
    • Your current unofficial transcript and your program evaluation sheet or a DegreeWorks audit.
    • A registration form (available on campus or on our forms page.)
    • A draft of classes that you need to take
  • Plan your schedule with your advisor.
    For those planning to register online, your advisor will provide you with your unique pin, or you may complete the paper registration form with your advisor. Your advisor must sign the paper form before it can be processed.
  • Register online or turn in your registration form.
    The Registrar’s Office (Beaver, WV) or your advisor will enter your schedule into the system and give you a copy.
  • Check your status with Financial Aid Office and/or Business Office
    Ensure your payment arrangements are made or that your funding is available for your classes. You may also wish to visit the links in “Financial Aid” and “Tuition & Scholarship Info” (listed near the top of this page) for more information.

Please contact your advisor or the Registrar’s Office at or 304-929-5032 if you have questions about registration.

New and Readmitted Students: Please visit our New and Readmitted Student Registration page for more information on how to register for classes. If you have taken a break for a semester or more (excluding summer terms) or if you are a Special/Non-degree seeking, Transient or Provisional (high school) student, you must see the Student Success Center to register.

Delaying registration will limit your selection of courses to choose from and may delay the release of your aid to purchase books and receive balance checks for the semester.