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Message from Dr. Copenhaver (July 24, 2020)

A part of Governor Justice’s Executive Order 9-20 (the Stay at Home Order) needed to be rescinded so that K12 schools and public/private higher education institutions could fully restart in the fall. 

During his press conference today, the Governor announced he will be signing that order.  Higher education institutions had some latitude to continue under Executive Order 9-20, and many institutions, like New River CTC, have been operating under the provided latitude.  In short, his actions today were a necessity for the K12 systems and a formality for higher education institutions.  His new Executive Order about reopening will not change any plans that New River CTC has in place regarding the fall semester, opening of our facilities to the public, or bring everyone back to campus to work.  We are continuing as we have planned.

The Governor stressed that each higher education institution had detailed plans for the fall, and he was confident that each institution would be following their plans and working to keep students and employees safe.

As a point of reference, I have attached New River CTC’s fall safety plan to this email.  This plan was submitted to Chancellor Tucker and was developed by our Task Force.  This plan only deals with safety related items and facilities usage/cleaning, etc., and  our plan is still fluid and evolving, so it will be updated on an ongoing basis.  The newest version of the plan will be on the website not only as a resource but also as part of our transparency and accountability in addressing the pandemic. 

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have a question.

Warm regards and continued health and safety,

Bonny Ball Copenhaver, Ed. D.
New River Community and Technical College

Message from Dr. Copenhaver (July 23, 2020)

I have several updates, so as an advanced warning, this is a rather lengthy message. 

If you have been following the Governor’s press conferences, he has mentioned higher education a couple of times in the past few days.  On Tuesday afternoon, Governor Justice met with all higher education presidents.  The Chancellor selected six institutions to present briefings about fall plans to the Governor.  New River CTC was selected as a presenter along with WVU, Marshall, Glenville State, Appalachian Bible College, and Blue Ridge CTC.  The Governor has been reviewing colleges’ plans for the fall because he is concerned about bringing students back and keeping them safe.  He is leaning toward institutions going only online with the exception of certain programs that require a hands-on component.  As far as the Chancellor, knows our plan of online, web-enhanced face-to-face, and in-person only for technical, allied health, nursing, and EMS will meet the Governor’s criteria.  The Governor took lots of notes during the presentations, and I imagine it will be next week before he makes any decisions about higher education.  He is discussing having all students tested for the Coronavirus before coming onto campus, and all the universities were implementing this strategy as part of their fall plans.  The community colleges are not, at this time, testing students; without dorms, international students, and students from other parts of the United States, large scale testing isn’t warranted.  Unless otherwise indicated by the Governor and/or by the infection level in our service area, New River CTC is not going to test students. 

As we move closer to the start of the fall semester, it is vitally important that all programs with an in-person component comply with the safety processes and procedures that have been put in place.  Additionally, the Governor has issued an Executive Order for wearing a mask, especially if social distancing is not possible, and as a state agency, we must comply with this directive.  I cannot stress enough that wearing a mask when working with students or your colleagues is an expected practice for everyone.  Human Resources will be sending out a procedure that covers the requirements and what to do if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

Dean Patriquin and Interim Dean Sampson have been working on faculty schedules as we transition to our new teaching modalities.  To date, all programs with lab components have created plans for when those students will be in their labs on campus, as well as protocols for how students will move through campus buildings.  Additionally, a schedule is being prepared for faculty who need to come to campus to teach from either their office or a classroom.  As soon as the schedule is finalized, it will be posted.

Starting on Monday, July 27, 2020 selected Student Affairs offices and the Business Office cashiers will begin a rotation of staff on campus to accommodate work flow and to ensure our students are registered.  The schedule for each office/campus is below, and all other offices are continuing to work remotely. 

  • Admissions:

Student Program Advisors will be on campus all day every Thursday to work with files (no student appointments).

Records Assistant Brooke Shrewsbury will be at RCC all day every Tuesday to work with files (no student appointments).

  • Student Success:

GVC – Rachel Kelly on-campus Wednesdays to proctor Accuplacer by appointment.

MCC – Marie Rhodes on-campus Tuesdays to proctor Accuplacer by appointment.

NCC – Sherry Shaffer on-campus Tuesdays for general work (no student appointments), and Wednesdays to proctor Accuplacer by appointment.

RCC – Alberto Razo on-campus Mondays and Tuesdays to proctor Pearson tests.

Lorraine Young on-campus Wednesdays to proctor Accuplacer by appointment.

  • Business Office to accommodate credit card payments and other related tasks:

NCC — Brigette Neil–Mondays: 8-3:30  

ATC — Lisa Matherly–Tuesdays: 8-3:30

RCC — Shamil Walton–Wednesdays: 8-3:30  

GVC — Coy Borders–Thursdays: 8-3:30

Even though there will be additional people on campus starting on Monday, our buildings are still closed to the general public and any staff not on the schedule for that day.  Should you find that you need to come to campus for any reason, talk to your supervisor who will then bring the request to me.  All requests must go through this process.  This process is in place to preserve the cleaning supplies and as a check to ensure that once a space is cleaned that no one enters the space.  Furthermore, no one except maintenance staff is allowed on campus on Fridays so that deep cleaning can be performed.  Please do not come to campus over the weekend.  If Friday or weekend access is needed in order to accommodate students, please talk to your supervisor who will bring the request forward to me. 

I thank you, in advance, for complying with these rules, and I hope that you and your families are continuing to stay safe and well.

Bonny Ball Copenhaver, Ed. D.
New River Community and Technical College

Message from Dr. Copenhaver (July 16, 2020)

Because of an upward trend in COVID 19 cases, the Governor has reduced activities that generate crowds to a maximum of 25 instead of 100.  He has additionally ordered all festivals and other public celebrations be cancelled.  New River CTC will abide by the Governor’s orders by not participating in any festival or other similar activity that will generate large crowds. 

The Governor is also concerned about higher education and the start-up of the fall semester; he is most concerned about classes that are scheduled in a traditional format—in-person classes.  The Chancellor has a copy of our fall plans, and I have spoken to her about our plan for classes to be delivered online or web enhanced face to face and reserving hands-on/in-person only for labs in technical, nursing, allied health, and EMS programs.  The Chancellor was pleased with our plan, and at this time believes that the Governor would approve of our plan.  The Chancellor has called a Presidents’ meeting this afternoon to discuss the fall opening, and should something change or there is additional information, I will pass it along.

We are holding some parking lot admission/advising events at our campuses to help students register for the fall semester.  These events will be in keeping with the new orders set forth by the Governor so that employees, students, and other guests will be kept safe. 

Warm regards,

Bonny Ball Copenhaver, Ed. D.
New River Community and Technical College

Message from Dr. Copenhaver (June 11, 2020)

Governor Justice, in his COVID-19 update this afternoon, addressed state employees returning to work.  He stressed his belief that state employees have continued to work and to be responsive in their daily activities in spite of the pandemic.  Over the next week, the state facilities will be cleaned and the various Cabinet Secretaries will receive guidelines about how to safely return to work and serve the public.  He also said that employees, working with their supervisor and their respective Cabinet Secretary, may continue teleworking and/or maintaining a flexible work schedule.  There is no timeline for each Cabinet Secretary to bring people back, and there is no requirement that all employees have to come back into their physical offices to work.

Chancellor Tucker let the presidents know that reopening our institutions is a local decision, and we are free to tailor opening plans to our needs and the needs of our students.  As you know, we have spring students on campus working on their lab activities, and we will learn from that experience.  The Fall 2020 Task Force has submitted a draft of their proposals for reopening.  Next week Cabinet will take up that plan for discussion, and that plan will be distributed college-wide for broader feedback.  Please watch for that email because the turnaround time for comments will be relatively short.  After the plan is finalized, it will be distributed to both employees as well as to the community, and implementation will begin shortly thereafter.

Finally, the Governor is reducing his press updates beginning next week to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  He also announced that the West Virginia State Fair will continue as planned.

Warm regards,

Bonny Ball Copenhaver, Ed. D.
New River Community and Technical College

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