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Message from Dr. Copenhaver (March 2, 2022)

Since January, New River CTC has been requiring masks in the classroom. The College’s COVID-19 Task Force has continued to meet monthly to discuss the continued impacts of the Coronavirus at New River CTC. At their last meeting, the Task Force made the recommendation to end the mask requirement.

In light of changes to CDC guidelines regarding masks, the recommendation from the Task Force, as well as the number of professionals calling for an end to school mask requirements, New River CTC will move to optional masks in classrooms for anyone on campus effective today, March 2, 2022.

While we navigate these changes, New River CTC will continue to observe recommendations provided by the CDC.

  • When commutative levels are high, college employees, students, and visitors should continue to mask indoors when social distancing is not observable.
  • New River CTC encourages everyone to get vaccinated.
  • If you have symptoms, get tested. The College has tests available if you need one.

More details on these guidelines can be found by visiting

Thanks to everyone for their cooperation and observance of all protocols.

Warm regards,

Bonny Ball Copenhaver, Ed. D. President New River Community and Technical College

Spring 2022 COVID-19 update (Jan. 11, 2022)

  • Cleaning supplies will be made available in classrooms. Faculty and students are asked to take two minutes at the end of each class to clean their spaces.
  • Classrooms will be sanitized daily.
  • Student meetings should occur in designated meeting spaces – restricting office meetings where space is limited. The COVID-19 Task Force is determining appropriate meeting spaces.
  • Temperature checks will continue. Anyone that enters a New River CTC facility should sign in and record their temperature. Persons with a temperature of 100.4 or greater should return home and notify their supervisor/instructor.
  • New River CTC will follow CDC guidelines for quarantine and isolation.
Some New Items
  • Anyone with a fever (100.4 or greater) will be offered a COVID-19 rapid test. The COVID-19 Task Force is determining best practices for test administration/distribution.
  • Faculty should teach TRAD and ZOOM courses from campus classrooms/offices as scheduled.
  • Due to increasing coronavirus numbers, masks will be required while in classrooms or anytime social distancing cannot be maintained. This will be revisited as the semester continues.

Message from Dr. Copenhaver (June 25, 2021)

The Governor has removed the mask mandate for West Virginia.  At the recommendation of our Task Force, New River CTC will adopt the removal of masks in College buildings, and all the signs requiring masks have been removed from the buildings.

However, I do offer some additional thoughts.

  • First, Covid is not gone.  For example, we reported a student infection this week in one of our programs, and students/faculty in the program had to go through the newest regulations for quarantine.  There is also a nursing home in Mercer County that reported a Covid outbreak in about half of the residents.
  • Second, we have employees and potentially students who feel more comfortable in masks.  As previously stated, please honor and respect their decision to wear a mask.  In the case of students, please let them know they are still able to wear a mask if they wish.
  • Third, the College reserves the right to reinstate mask requirements if the conditions in the service area and/or in the College deem it necessary.  Higher education has always had the autonomy to set its own Covid measures and that autonomy is still in place.  New River CTC will use that autonomy if the situation warrants it.
  • Fourth, some programs will have to continue mask requirements as directed by clinical agencies or regulating boards, and program directors are expected to abide by these outside agencies regarding mask requirements.
  • Fifth, getting vaccinated is a personal choice and the College will not be requiring vaccinations for employees.  If you haven’t been vaccinated, I encourage you consider getting vaccinated and to continue wearing a mask for the safety of yourself and of others, but I know that I cannot require you to do this.  I just care about everyone’s health and wellbeing.

The College will continue to maintain social distancing protocols as those have not been lifted.  Additionally, temperature checks upon entering will continue to be required for a while longer.

Warm regards and have a wonderful weekend,

Bonny Ball Copenhaver, Ed. D. President New River Community and Technical College

Message from Dr. Copenhaver (November 16, 2020)

When the College stayed in a predominantly telework environment for the fall semester, the original plan was to transition back to some type of in-person work in January.  I have asked the Coronavirus Task Force to recommend a plan to transition most employees back to work, and they are starting on this work with the goal of having a recommendation to the Executive Team by the end of next week. The Coronavirus Task Force has undertaken each new directive very seriously and has committed themselves to drafting recommendations and plans that balance safety with meeting the needs of students and employees.  I have confidence that this directive will be approached with the same commitment and diligence. Indeed, this pandemic is hitting close to home—both in our New River CTC family as well as among our other friends and family.  It does seem crazy at the moment to even consider coming back to campus to work, and I am fully aware that right now we are seeing, both nationally and in West Virginia, an increase in the number of cases of Covid-19. It might not seem like a prudent time to consider returning to work, but we have to balance safety and customer service to our students.  I want to make sure that in January, we will have a solid plan of action.  We will shift back to a telework environment should the situation warrant that action, or if we are not able to come back to work in January, we will have a plan ready for when we can.   Rest assured that I am continually monitoring not only our campus community’s health but the state’s situation as well and will continue to do so until this pandemic is over. As much as we all would like to see our students back on campus for class, this return to work plan will not include bringing classes back to campus.  All spring instruction will remain just as we are this fall, and I will be firm in this decision.  As with this semester, the Office of Academic Affairs will create a spreadsheet of the in-person schedules for each location, and faculty who do not teach in a technical, EMS, nursing, or allied health program may request to teach from their office.  As with the fall semester, individual requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Faculty will continue to request campus access through their Dean if access to their office is needed. I am sure that you have many questions about the details of what this return to work plan will look like, but we must trust the process as we have been and wait for the Task Force to complete its work.  As soon as there is a recommended implementation plan from the Task Force, it will be shared for feedback. Warm regards and continued health and safety, Bonny Ball Copenhaver, Ed. D. President New River Community and Technical College

Message from Dr. Copenhaver (November 13, 2020)

Attached is the new Executive Order issued by the Governor at his press conference today.  As a result of this order, beginning on Monday, November 16th, all people inside our buildings must wear their masks at all times unless actively eating or in a private office with the door closed. New River CTC will comply with this order, and all students and employees are expected to behave accordingly. Warm regards and continued health and safety, Bonny Ball Copenhaver, Ed. D. President New River Community and Technical College

Message from Dr. Copenhaver (November 5, 2020)

A student at the ATC is the College’s first known, diagnosed case of Covid-19.  The whole class, including the instructor, will be home on quarantine for two weeks per the Health Department’s guidelines and recommendation.  The area is in the process of being deep cleaned, and the rest of the building will be cleaned.  Other programs and the other occupants at the ATC are not impacted and will not have to quarantine.  Contact tracing has already started. Furthermore, we have had to deep clean an area at the GVC twice because students were not disclosing they had been around someone with Covid-19.  In these cases, the students had to go into quarantine for two weeks. The College has been in contact with the Health Departments to get the newest set of rules to govern when quarantining is required and when it isn’t.  A more detailed email will come from me in the next couple of days outlining these new rules. I cannot express how important it is for those who are on campus to always wear their prescribed PPE, and for those who are faculty, to ensure that your students are complying with the PPE mandate as well as impress upon them that not disclosing an exposure puts everyone at risk and is a violation of the code of conduct.  We all have a responsibility to keep this College as safe as we possibly can until this pandemic ends. We have all been diligent, and we must remain so even though the whole situation is getting tiring and annoying.  Please keep the student, the class, and the instructor in your thoughts. Warm regards and continued health and safety, Bonny Ball Copenhaver, Ed. D. President New River Community and Technical College

Message from Dr. Copenhaver (October 13, 2020)

As you are aware, New River CTC will implement Covid-19 testing starting this week.  Originally prescribed by the state, this free testing will ensure that we keep not only our campus community safe but also our family and friends as well because this testing is designed to identify those that might be asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19. The Coronavirus Taskforce has worked very diligently to create a testing process that is easy and confidential, and our goal is to make sure that testing will be available either through an appointment or as a walk-in service on the campus where you are located so no travel will be involved, and you will be tested on the day that you work if you are only on campus once a week. Each week of testing, at a minimum, we need 18 student, 7 employees, and 3 employees from the Greenbrier Valley School Board Office to meet the 10% sampling requirement.  We only need 10% of those employees and students who work/attend class at a campus on a regularly scheduled basis.  The Office of Institutional Research has created a randomization process to generate names for testing on a weekly basis; however, we will start each week with a request for volunteers who wish to be tested.  If we have enough volunteers to meet our minimum we will not move to the generated list. For this first week of testing, we are asking for volunteers to get us started.  Our testing kits did not arrive until yesterday, so we are working quickly to get started this week.  I am volunteering to be tested this week, and I hope you will join me by volunteering this week or in future weeks.  Instructions will be coming for how to volunteer this week and in future weeks. For your information, for our students who test, each week they will be entered into a drawing for a $100 bookstore voucher that they can use in the spring.  The proverbial “hat” will be emptied each week, so that each week, a student’s chance of winning a voucher is good.  A student can go into the hat more than once and can win a voucher more than one time.  The vouchers are from funds that our bookstore vendor gives us to distribute to students as the College desires. Faculty or Student Affairs Staff:  I will be sending an email to students, similar to this email, so they will be brought into the communication loop, but please be prepared for questions.  Please refer questions that you are unsure of the answer to Robert Runion. Very shortly, Mr. Runion will be sending out additional emails with instructions and more specific details about what to do to volunteer and what to do if you are selected.  The Communications Department will also be sending out information as well.  There will also be an FAQ handout coming as well to answer specific questions about the test and its efficacy, what won’t be tested, what happens to the saliva samples, etc. Most likely, this testing will result in positive results among employees and students.  This is what this testing methodology is designed to so that those who are positive but asymptomatic can be isolated before contact spreading can occur.  As we become aware of each incident, we will take appropriate measures to ensure the wellbeing of all students and employees, but please remember that because we are dealing with personal health situations, not all information surrounding our actions may not be able to be shared. Thank you for continuing to work on keeping our New River CTC family safe during this time, and I appreciate everyone’s willingness to help with this testing service. Warm regards and continued health and safety, Bonny Ball Copenhaver, Ed. D. President New River Community and Technical College

Message from Dr. Copenhaver (October 13, 2020)

Good morning to all. New River CTC is required to submit weekly information to the WVCTCS office about those who have been infected and/or exposed to COVID-19.  The Coronavirus Taskforce has developed an exposure flow chart to outline clearly the process for employees and students who are infected or exposed. (You will also find the link in the table at the top of the Coronavirus page.)  Names and other personally identifying information will be confidential at the campus level and are not submitted to the system office; names and other personally identifying information will only be released on a need to know basis to campus personnel. This process is in effect immediately, and all personnel are expected to follow this process.  Please keep a copy of this flowchart handy at all times.  Faculty—please make sure that students understand this flowchart and assist them in following the process if any of your students disclose to you that they are ill or exposed. We have been very fortunate that we have experience very low exposure and infection numbers since the start of this pandemic.  This is due in large part to our strict cleaning protocols, reduced campus access regulations, and participation in following screening and personal protective requirements.  I deeply appreciate everyone’s efforts in this regard and we are seeing the benefits of our practices by our low numbers.  Your continued diligence in following the rules and protocols will continue to keep the college family as safe as we can during this pandemic. Warm regards and continued health and safety, Bonny Ball Copenhaver, Ed. D. President Prior Coronavirus updates