Withdrawing From the College

Any student who withdraws from a class after the last day to add/drop, or who wishes to leave New River CTC must complete a Request for Withdrawal Form. The required signatures must be obtained by the student and the student is responsible for ensuring that the form is turned in within the deadlines posted on the academic calendar.

Students who officially withdraw from all courses for which they have registered during a semester in the academic year will be eligible for a full refund if they withdraw prior to the start of the semester or prior to the first day of class with a delayed start. It is important to withdraw before the semester begins if you change your mind about taking courses for a particular semester. Students are responsible for adhering to deadlines, available in the academic calendar.


Students who officially withdraw from all courses  on or after the first day of the semester, may be eligible to receive a refund of regular tuition and fees in accordance with the schedule below. Special fees are not refundable. Should the percentage of calculation identify a particular day, the entire day will be included in the higher refund period. All refunds are to be calculated from the first day of classes of a given semester or term.

Please note that being eligible for a refund does not mean a refund in the form of a check sent to the student – it is the percentage of tuition that is removed from the overall bill. Financial Aid awards are adjusted accordingly with the refund schedule.

New River CTC does not process partial refunds for withdrawing from individual courses.

Every student who registers incurs a financial obligation to the College. Exceptions to this policy resulting from extenuating circumstances must be approved by the Registrar or designee before a refund may be processed.

Withdrawing from the college may cause a balance owed from the student to the College and the student is responsible for paying this balance.

Return of Title IV Financial Aid

Any student receiving Title IV financial aid who withdraws during the refund period listed above are subject to having all or a portion of their financial aid adjusted. This may lead to a student owing a balance to the institution and the student is responsible for the balance on their account.

Not attending classes in which you are registered can have negative academic and financial consequences and may lead to you being administratively withdrawn from the course(s.) Financial Aid recipients who stop attending classes and fail to withdraw before 60% of the semester has been completed or choose not to attend courses may be required to repay a portion of the federal aid received.Repayments are based on the number of days a student has been enrolled in classes.

Refund Schedule

Fall 2019 (August 19-December 13, 2019)
100% Prior to August 19, 2019
90% August 19-August 29, 2019
70% August 30-September 19, 2019
50% September 20-October 11, 2019
40% October 12-October 22, 2019 (*Title IV Financial Aid Recipients Only)

The last day to withdraw with a “W” grade for the Fall 2019 semester is November 8, 2019.

This refund schedule is for complete withdrawals from the College.

No refunds will be issued for withdrawals of individual courses after classes begin.

Refunds apply to tuition only; fees for withdrawals after classes begin are not refundable.