Ellucian’s Banner 9 is used by New River as a primary data source for managing student, employee, academic, finance, financial aid, and other critical information for the enterprise to operate. These data assets are managed by New River personnel and hosted at WVNET in Morgantown. Two instances of Ellucian Banner are hosted and available (Production and Pre-Production).

Banner 9 Production (PROD)
This is the current live database and is where most users access Banner. Changes are done in real-time and may impact secondary data storage services.

Banner 9 Pre-Production (PRE-PROD)
This database is a snapshot copy of PROD from a certain day and time. It is used to explore new features, functions, and upgrades without concern for altering live data. PRE-PROD is generally refreshed monthly or after a project completes.

To access these services, use the links below:

Ellucian Banner 9

Ellucian Banner 9 Production (PROD)
Ellucian Banner 9 Pre-Production (PRE-PROD)
Banner Access Request Form
Banner 9 Self-Service (coming soon)

Banner Downloads

Training Workbook: Navigation and Fundamentals