Did you know that New River has multiple BANNER Databases available for use? We maintain the BANNER Production, Test, and Pre-Production databases in an effort to provide you with opportunities to test changes before going live. Following is a brief description of what each database is intended for:

BANNER Production: The working environment. This database contains our current production data for the institution.

BANNER Test: The testing environment. This database is generally refreshed from the production data monthly to provide a platform for training, testing upgrades, configurations, and modifications.

BANNER Pre-Production: This database is used for finalized testing and special project implementation. It is generally refreshed monthly or after a project completes.

In order to access the database and self-service products please navigate the links below:

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BANNER 8 Production
BANNER 8 Pre-Production
BANNER Production Self-Service
BANNER Pre-Production Self-Service
BANNER Test Self- Service

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BANNER 9 Production
BANNER 9 Pre-Production

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Training Workbook: Navigation and Fundamentals