Anderson to offer Hero’s Journey workshop

Learn how to create compelling narratives for fictional characters or your own life with author Belinda Anderson at New River Community and Technical College. The Hero’s Journey workshop will be held by conference call beginning Feb. 5, 2021.

The Hero’s Journey is a four-week writing class meeting at 10 a.m. on Fridays. This workshop is based upon author Joseph Campell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces,” which details the steps of a hero’s journey that are common to ancient myths. “Jane Eyre,” “Moby Dick” and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” are classic hero’s journeys. The Harry Potter books and the “Star Wars” movie series are perfect – and very successful – examples of the hero’s journey approach to story telling.

The class can be accessed with an internet conference call connection or by landline telephone – no high-speed internet is required. The hour-long conference calls will include lecture, with time for questions and participant sharing, and group e-mail follow-up as needed. Participants can create new work or apply the concepts to existing projects. The workshop is open both to beginning and more experienced writers.

“The hero’s journey is an approach that works for all types of writing, from novels to memoirs,” Anderson said. “But it’s more than a template. Through discussion and practice, students will gain a deeper understanding of how they can make use of the hero’s journey in terms of plot, setting and characterization.”

The hero’s journey has influenced Anderson’s own writing. “I remember one short story where I wasn’t satisfied with the ending,” she said, referring to her collection “Buckle Up, Buttercup,” published by Mountain State Press.

“I started thinking about the hero’s journey and realized the hero had never entered the symbolic innermost cave. When I thought more about that, the manuscript transformed into a story that was still humorous but with much more depth and humanity. It is one of my best-received stories at readings. It’s also a great example of what the hero’s journey can do for any type of writing – this is a story about delivering a fruit basket.”

Tuition for the class is $75, and the registration deadline is Jan. 22. Participants will be emailed the conference call number and access codes after registering for the class.

For college information or to register visit or contact Gloria Kincaid (304-793-6101,

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