Admission Guidelines

Steps to Enrollment

Complete Enrollment Form (Apply Now)

Apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA)

Sign up and complete New Student Orientation – only certificate (CAS) and degree seeking students must take

Register for Classes (Schedule your appointment to register)

Pay Tuition and Fees

Purchase Books Online

Attend Classes


A potential student will need to complete an enrollment form (application for admission) to begin the enrollment process. If the student is certificate (CAS) and degree seeking and remains enrolled (excluding summer term), the student will not need to apply again unless he or she withdraws from all coursework or sits out one (1) or more semesters (excluding summer). A transient student visiting from their home institution, a special non-degree seeking student and a provisional high school student (currently enrolled in high school taking courses) must apply for admission each term they wish to enroll.


–         If a student is eligible to receive financial aid or loans, the student must be considered “fully admitted” (complete admissions file) before they will receive financial aid or a loan check.

–         A student must maintain a current mailing address and phone number on file at all times. Communication is key. Each department will use this information to contact a student regarding important notifications, such as class cancellations.

–         All material submitted in support of an enrollment form becomes the property of New River. Copies are not provided after submission.

–         It is the sole responsibility of the student to provide accurate information on the enrollment form. An incorrect social security number will delay admission file completion, financial aid and/or loan processing by weeks or months. Verify your social security number on your social security card before submitting it on your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and on your enrollment form fo admission to the college.

–         Former and/or maiden name(s) must be listed on the enrollment form. If requesting a high school or college transcript under a previous name, it must be listed on the Application in order to process when received.

–         Admission to the college does not ensure the entry of applicants into specific programs, nor does it imply eligibility to enroll in a course with established prerequisites. Admission does not ensure entry into a program that has a limited number of spaces and minimum entrance requirements.

–         Home School Students- West Virginia residents who were home-schooled and are applying for the WV PROMISE Scholarship or the WV Higher Education Grant must have a GED certificate or TASC. Home-schooled students must complete the GED examination or TASC and submit official scores to the PROMISE Scholarship office. Further questions regarding this should be directed to WV Higher Education Policy Commission, 304.558.2101.More information regarding admission below.

–         A student must list all former colleges or universities attended on the enrollment form, even if the student withdrew from all courses. If a transcript was created, our office must have an official transcript from that institution. If a student is not certain, check with the former college or university Registrar’s Office.

–         If a student has a hold on an account from a former college or university, normally the institution will not release an official transcript. Our office must have an official transcript for admitting purposes and for the Registrar’s Office official file if you are certificate (Certificate of Applied Science) or degree seeking within your first semester. You will not be eligible for financial aid until transcripts are received in order to complete your admission file.


International Students: If you are not a U.S. citizen and you do not have a permanent resident card, under Immigration and Naturalization Service rules, New River is not an institution certified to enroll international students at this time.

NOTE: For international student information, contact the Student and Visitor Exchange Program (SEVIS) at 703-603-3400 or visit their website: for information on permanent residency, visit

Certificate or Associate Degree Seeking Candidates – A student must have a high school diploma, have completed a general education development (GED) or the TASC in order to receive financial aid or loans, if eligible.

Current and/or Early Completion High School Students – A high school student which includes a student who may complete graduation requirements early, is not eligible to receive financial aid through New River until the Fall semester following graduation. The student is responsible for tuition, fees and textbook costs if enrolling prior to this time. A high school student enrolling must submit a new Application of Admission for each term applying until they enroll in the summer or fall term immediately following their recognized high school graduation (June 1st).

Home School Students seeking a Certificate of Degree – For admission purpose: All home school students must submit an official transcript or a written transcript of verification demonstrating completion of the required high school subject matter signed by the parent or person completing the homeschool education, providing the following on the transcript:

Student’s full name (First, Middle, Last)

Address (Mailing, City, State, Zipcode)

Date of Birth

Date of graduation (month, day and year)

a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)

last 4 of the student social security number

Enrollment period such as 9th, 10th, etc. to include coursework (subject) with grade received during each enrollment period

parent or person completing the homeschool education, the date signed

Home school students unable to supply written verification or such a transcript may present the General Educational Development (GED) test scores or TASC scores in lieu of.

FINANCIAL AID MAY REQUIRE ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION, this is for general admission only. For financial aid inquiry regarding homeschool admission, contact: Financial Aid (click here). Special non-degree seeking students may enter without a transcript, but are not eligible for financial aid or loans and must meet pre-requisites for courses.

West Virginia residents who were home-schooled and are applying for the WV PROMISE Scholarship or WV Higher Education Grant must have a GED or TASC certificate. Home-schooled students must completed the GED or TASC examination and submit official scores to the PROMISE Scholarship office.Further questions regarding the Promise Scholarship should be directed to the WV Higher Education Policy Commission, (304)-558-2101. FINANCIAL AID MAY REQUIRE ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION.