Account Placed on Admission Hold (AH) To Prevent Future Registration


An Admission Hold (AH) is placed on a student account for one of two reasons: failure to provide necessary documentation to complete a student’s admission file or failure to update their mailing address. An AH will prevent a student from registering for classes for future semesters. Other types of holds exists for other departments.

About admission:

Once a student application is processed, the student will receive a letter or email verifying acceptance and admission status. A student will either be conditionally admitted or fully admitted. A student would be conditionally admitted if their admission file is incomplete or lacking required documentation. A  student would be fully admitted if their admission file is complete and all required documentation has been provided. Admission file requirements are listed with student types.

Examples of why a student account would be placed on AH:

  • A conditionally admitted student has the semester in which they are enrolled to complete their admission file and provide the requested documentation. If a conditionally admitted student does not provide the necessary documentation an AH will be placed on their account to prevent future registration.
  • If the College receives returned mail, an AH is placed on the account until the student updates their mailing address with the College.