Online Student Orientation Module

Office of Admissions Hours:  Monday- Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. until Friday, May 11, 2018 and beginning again Monday, July 30. 

Summer Office Hours: Monday, May 14 through July 26, Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., closed on Fridays.



Monday, April 9- New students (first-time freshman, transfers, readmits, etc.) may begin to call the Office of Admissions to schedule an appointment to register for classes. Requested admission checklist items and online orientation must be completed in order to register. Graduating high school seniors applying for Summer or Fall may wait to submit their official high school transcript once graduation has occurred.

Monday, April 23, 2018- New student and readmitted student Priority Registration begins for fully admitted students to include our new Veteran students by appointment.

Monday, May 7, 2018- New student and readmitted student Open Registration begins by appointment.

Students may call to schedule an appointment to register once the admission checklist items listed on this Orientation page are complete. Please review, complete and then call to schedule your appointment to register.


8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. thru May 11

Beginning May 14- July 26, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.  CLOSED ON FRIDAYS

After July 30, 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., open on Fridays

If you have questions regarding the criteria to register or the checklist, please call your local campus Office of Admissions (listed at the bottom of page).


No appointment is needed for these event dates. If certificate or degree seeking, you must have completed online orientation and have official college transcripts on file if applicable or submitted unofficial college transcripts for registration purpose only. If no prior college, you may submit ACT or SAT scores within 5 years from the date of application or take the Accuplacer here at New River CTC by contacting the Student Success Center prior to the event.

10 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. at each location

Wednesday, August 1- Nicholas Co. campus

Thursday, August 2- Mercer Co. campus

Monday, August 6- Raleigh Co. campus

Tuesday, August 7- Greenbrier Valley campus


The goal of Online Orientation at New River CTC is to assist our students in the overall transition to college, including basic information on academic policies, procedures, Student Services and information regarding registering AFTER your initial advising/registration appointment with your assigned academic advisor during the next scheduled current student registration event. We hope this information will promote a successful beginning and guide you through your first semester. Please be sure to read the college catalog for a comprehensive overview of college policies and procedures. This can be found on the college website, under Quick Links.

Please make sure you if you need to stop and continue at a later time that you use the same sign-in credentials each time. Your information is saved each time you exit with your specific login. Also if you need assistance, we will ask you for your login in: First Name, Last Name and what you used for your Student ID in order to login and view.


Transient students (visiting from their home institution), Special (non-degree seeking) students and those enrolling as Provisional high school students (current high school students/non-degree seeking, not graduating in May/June applying as first-time freshman) are EXEMPT and DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE ONLINE ORIENTATION. Current high school students who are graduating and enrolling as certificate or degree seeking students (not provisional) will need to complete online orientation.

You must complete online orientation in order to schedule an appointment to register and in order to register for classes. Those exempt (do not have to complete) are listed above.



If you have previously taken online orientation and it has been over one year, you will be asked to take it again when re-enrolling. You will not be able to use your student ID as your password to login again, or you will not be provided the test at the end to complete. Instead you will need to use your date of birth, such as 07111999, for July 11, 1999 for example or the last four of your social security number. The system will not provide you with the quiz questions at the end of each section of orientation and the final test if you use the same ID number each year you must retake upon re-entering the college as a readmit. You will also need to make sure you use your middle initial or full middle name after your first name, such as Henry A. or Henry "Allen" Smith. Write your login information down in case you experience any problems so we may assist.




You may call your local campus Office of Admissions to schedule an appointment to register if you are certificate (C.A.S) and/or degree seeking (A.S., A.A.S) once you have completed the following:

- submitted an application for admission (readmitted students must submit a new application)

- completed and successfully passed online orientation

- submitted ALL official college transcripts sent directly from the school to The Office of Admissions, even if transcript has all W's (withdraw) in order to receive financial aid or loans. Any college attended must be submitted, you cannot choose whether you wish to receive credit or not, you must submit all. Financial aid and/or loans cannot be dispersed unless your admission file is complete- "fully admitted" meaning all official transcripts, etc. are in file).

For advising and registration, you may submit unofficial copies of all college transcripts in order to place you in classes only, these do not count towards fully admitting you. We must have unofficial transcripts to register you if we have not received your official transcripts. If you are a readmitted student, you may have transcript(s) on file if you attended recently. If you have attended any other colleges in your absence from New River CTC, you will need to request that those transcripts be sent directly from the school to your local campus Office of Admissions after reapplying for admission.

- have submitted placement test scores: your ACT score report, SAT score report, have taken the Accuplacer test at New River or have college level English and Math on your college transcript. To take the placement test, visit here: and click on the campus you wish to test at for the number to call to schedule an appointment or to see available times to come into the center. In high school, if you have scored an achievement level score of Level 3 in English, Language Arts and Math on the West Virginia General Summative Assessment, this may be provided in lieu of test scores in order to by pass foundational Math or English courses.

Returning (readmitted) students will need to schedule an appointment with the Office of Admissions upon returning after:

- submitting a new application

- submitting any requested documents we may need (such as official transcripts, etc.)

To schedule your appointment after completing your admission checklist items, please call your local Office of Admissions:

Advanced Technology Center: (304) 929-3315     Greenbrier Valley Campus: (304) 647-6565                

Mercer County Campus: (304) 818-2012             Nicholas County Campus: (304) 883-2437                   

Raleigh County Campus: (304) 929-5469            



Non-degree seeking students are considered Special students-(non-certificate (CAS) nor degree seeking), Provisional (current high school  students taking courses) and Transient (visiting from your home institution to take a course or two) or those seeking an Advanced Skill Set Certificate (ASSC) which is not eligible for financial aid or loans. These student types do not have a major and are not assigned an academic advisor. Students except for transients must meet prerequisites in order to enroll in select courses and provide proof of meeting the prerequisites.

Each type of student above must submit a new application each semester they wish to register.

A Transient student (visiting from another college) must complete an application for admission each semester you enroll.  You will need to have your completed transient permission form sent to the Office of Admissions, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or have it in-hand with all signatures on the form. The Registrar's Signature MUST be on the form in order to register for class or courses).

A Provisional student (current high school student) must submit an application for admission each semester you enroll and have your completed provisional form sent to the Office of Admissions, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sent to the campus you will attend in seat or online (choose campus you are closest to or will register at). Or you may have it in-hand in order to register for a class or courses. (For courses offered within the high school, forms will be dispersed and collected on site at the high school only). You may not register without a completed provisional form. Your counselor may contact 304-929-5480 for a Provisional Form.

Special Student (non-certificate (CAS) nor degree seeking) must apply for admission each semester you will attend. Visit Payment arrangements may be made with the Student Accounts/Business Office on your local campus. Special students are not eligible for state or federal financial aid since they are not seeking a Certificate of Applied Science (CAS) or a degree and therefore are self-pay.                                                                    

Visit for Student Accounts/Business Office contacts, information on paying tuition online and payment options. Or from our website, scroll over Future Students, Paying for College and click on Student Accounts/Business Office.

As a special student you must meet any prerequisite course requirements listed under Course Descriptions in the college catalog. You may provide placement test scores for Math and English courses or unofficial college transcripts to meet prerequisites. You may provide ACT, SAT or Accuplacer (taken at New River CTC). If you have taken the West Virginia General Summative Assessment and scored an achievement level of 3 in English, Language and Arts (ELA) and Math, this will exempt you from taking Foundational courses in Math or English.

The college catalog with Course Descriptions may be found on our website. Scroll over Future Students, Academics and click on College Catalog or click here College Catalog.

Note: Non-degree seeking students will not provide any documentation other than an application for admission unless in order to enroll in a course or courses with prerequisites (PR), excluding Transient students.

A prerequisite is a course that is required prior to taking an advanced course. A prerequisite may be eligibility for English 101, which means you must have taken college level English 101 and passed or have tested into it. Another example is in order to take Sociology 224 Marriage and Family Relations, the prerequisite is Sociology 210 Principles of Sociology. This means you must first take Sociology 210 before you can register for Sociology 224. Prerequisites may be found by viewing courses in the online course catalog, under Course Descriptions, near the end of the catalog. Course catalog

Office of Admissions:

Advanced Technology Center: (304) 929-3315     Greenbrier Valley Campus: (304) 647-6565                

Mercer County Campus: (304) 818-2012             Nicholas County Campus: (304) 883-2437                   

Raleigh County Campus: (304) 929-5469        

Director of Enrollment Services (304) -929-5480   



First semester advising takes place within the Office of Admissions for the following students: New first time freshman, returning (readmitted) who sat out a semester or longer excluding summer, special (non-degree seeking), provisional (current high school students) and new transfer. You will be assigned an academic advisor if you are certificate (Certificate of Applied Science) or degree seeking after your initial first semester advising appointment and before current student registration occurs during your first semester. Students who are interested in select admission programs such as Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA), Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT), Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Paramedic (PARM) and Practical Nursing (LPN) will first complete general admission through the Office of Admissions and will then be referred to an advisor in their specialty area.

Students must first complete a general admission application and receive their Student ID number before applying (completing and submitting application) to a selective admission program.

Special students (non-certificate/degree seeking), Provisional (current high school) and Transient (visiting from your home institution to take a course or two) will be seen in the Office of Admissions each semester for advising and registration. You must complete a new Application for Admission each semester you re-enroll.

If you are a new transfer student and have not submitted official college transcripts or we have not received them, please submit or you must bring your unofficial transcripts with you for your advising appointment in order to register for classes

If you are a readmitted student and have attended any other colleges in your absence, you will need to request those official transcripts be sent directly to New River CTC's Office of Admissions on the campus you will attend. In order to register for classes, you must bring a copy of your unofficial college transcript(s) with you for your appointment to schedule classes (register). You must list any colleges attended on your application, it is not optional.


Steps to Enrollment

Apply for Admission (you should submit your application before applying for financial aid)
Apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA)
Sign up and Complete Student Orientation (exemptions listed above)
Register for Classes (Schedule your appointment to register)
Pay Tuition and Fees
Purchase Books Online
Attend Classes




Once you have applied for admission and received your letter from the Office of Admissions, your email account has been set up. Please read the "new student letter" within this link and review the Information Technology page for more details. Click here for Information Technology page (your email instructions, etc.)

Optional In-Seat Orientation Date (RSVP)

Please note, daycare is not provided. You will need to email to reserve your seat. If you do not have access to email, you may call 304-929-5480 with the information requested below.

To be announced

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include:   


1.) your name and telephone number  we can reach you between 8 a.m.- 4 p.m.                                

2.) the campus orientation you will attend                                                                                        

3) # of guests and relationship to you (please note, the sessions can be a great opportunit to bring a friend who is interested in college and wants to learn more!) LIMIT 3*

*If Orientation becomes full and we need to make room for more students, we will reduce the number of guests allowed. Please provide a telephone number as requested above so we may reach you in the event this occurs. Thank you for your understanding.If we have lack of participation for orientation, we will provide one on one departmental orientation instead.


Statistics Regarding Crime on Campus

The Student Right-To-Know Act, which was renamed The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act in 1998, mandates that institutions of higher education disclose information about crimes on and near their respective campuses.

New River Community and Technical College annually submits the Campus Crime Report based on the provisions of the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act. This information is submitted in the categories outlined for any crimes or incidents on campus, on public property adjoining campus and any incidents involving hate crimes. The data reported number and nature of crimes for the calendar year, Jan. 1 – Dec. 31 and crime statistics for the past three years are provided. New River Community and Technical College Campus Crime report can be located on the link to the New River CTC web page and Campus Safety and Security Survey web page: which will be posted on or before October 1, 2017 of each year.

Student Right-To-Know Information

New River Community and Technical Campus Security and Crime Statistics Report is available via this link: also located on New River Community and Technical College web pages:

New River Community and Technical College Student Handbook link:

New River Community and Technical College Policies and Procedures are available on the New River Community and Technical College web pages:

Additionally, law enforcement agency information provided by the West Virginia State Police concerning registered sex offenders is available at this link:

For further information regarding campus safety, please contact Robert Runion, Director of Facilities and Campus Security at 304-929-5026 or Leah Taylor, Vice President of Administrative Services 304-929-6701.





Admission Guidelines

Steps to Enrollment

Apply for Admission (Apply Now)
Apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA)
Sign up and Complete Student Orientation (exemptions listed above, only certificate (CAS) and degree seeking students must take)
Register for Classes (Schedule your appointment to register after Admission checklist items are submitted for your student type)
Pay Tuition and Fees (Business Office)
Purchase Books Online
Attend Classes


A potential student will need to complete an application for admission to begin the enrollment process. 

If the student is certificate (CAS) and degree seeking and remains enrolled (excluding summer term), the

student will not need to apply again unless he or she withdraws from all coursework or sits out

one (1) or more semesters (excluding summer). A transient student visiting from their home institution,

a special non-degree seeking student and a provisional high school student (currently enrollled in high

school taking courses) must apply for admission each term they wish to enroll.


-         If a student is eligible to receive financial aid or loans, the student must be considered “fully admitted” (complete admissions file) before they will receive financial aid or a loan check.

-         A student must maintain a current mailing address and phone number on file at all times. Communication is     key. Each department will use this information to contact a student regarding important notifications, such as class cancellations.

-         All material submitted in support of an Application for Admission becomes the property of New River. Copies are not provided after submission.

-         It is the sole responsibility of the student to provide accurate information on the Application for Admission form. An incorrect social security number will delay admission file completion, financial aid and/or loan processing by weeks or months. Verify your social security number on your social security card before submitting it on your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and on your Application for Admission to the college.

-         Former and/or maiden name(s) must be listed on the Application for Admission. If requesting a high school or college transcript under a previous name, it must be listed on the Application in order to process when received.

-         Admission to the college does not ensure the entry of applicants into specific programs, nor does it imply eligibility to enroll in a course with established prerequisites. Admission does not ensure entry into a program that has a limited number of spaces and minimum entrance requirements.

-         A student must list all former colleges or universities attended on the Application for Admission, even if the student withdrew from all courses. If a transcript was created, our office must have an official transcript from that institution. If a student is not certain, check with the former college or university Registrar’s Office.

-         If a student has a hold on an account from a former college or university, normally the institution will not release an official transcript. Our office must have an official transcript for admitting purposes and for the Registrar's Office official file if you are certificate (Certificate of Applied Science) or degree seeking within your first semester. You will not be eligible for financial aid until transcripts are received in order to complete your admission file.



International Students: If you are not a U.S. citizen and you do not have a permanent resident card, under Immigration and Naturalization Service rules, New River is not an institution certified to enroll international students at this time.

NOTE: For international student information, contact the Student and Visitor Exchange Program (SEVIS) at 703-603-3400 or visit their website: for information on permanent residency, visit

Certificate or Associate Degree Seeking Candidates - A student must have a high school diploma, have completed a general education development (GED) or the TASC in order to receive financial aid or loans, if eligible.

Current and/or Early Completion High School Students - A high school student which includes a student who may complete graduation requirements early, is not eligible to receive financial aid through New River until the Fall semester following graduation. The student is responsible for tuition, fees and textbook costs if enrolling prior to this time. A high school student enrolling must submit a new Application of Admission for each term applying until they enroll in the summer or fall term immediately following their recognized high school graduation (June 1st).

Home School Students seeking a Certificate or a Degree - For admission purpose: All home school students must submit an official transcript or a written transcript of verification demonstrating completion of the required high school subject matter signed by the parent or person completing the homeschool education, providing the following on the transcript:

Student's full name (First, Middle, Last)

Address (Mailing, City, State, Zipcode)

Date of Birth


Date of graduation (month, day and year)

Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)

last 4 of the student social security number

Enrollment period such as 9th, 10th, etc. to include coursework (subject) with grade received during each enrollment period

Parent or person completing the homeschool education, the date signed

Home school students unable to supply written verification or such a transcript may present the General Educational Development (GED) test scores or TASC scores in lieu of.

FINANCIAL AID MAY REQUIRE ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION, this is for general admission only. For financial aid inquiry regarding homeschool admission, contact: Financial Aid (click here). Special non-degree seeking students may enter without a transcript, but are not eligible for financial aid or loans and must meet pre-requisites for courses.

Promise Scholarship questions should be directed to the WV Higher Education Policy Commission, (304)-558-2101. FINANCIAL AID MAY REQUIRE ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION.


EDGE Credit


EDGE Transcript Request Form

New River EDGE Credit Matrix


What is EDGE?

It stands for "Earn a Degree - Graduate Early". Students take approved career and technical courses in high school that convert to a variety of college credits offered through community and technical colleges of West Virginia, including New River CTC. This college credit is free! The EDGE program is an initiative of the West Virginia Department of Education and the West Virginia Community and Technical College System (Title 135/Series 28).

If you are a high school student… 

You can earn a college degree and graduate early! Through New River CTC and the West Virginia EDGE initiative, you can take high school/college courses that will take the place of courses required for your college degree. These EDGE credits are available for transfer to New River CTC by requesting your official EDGE transcript (EDGE transcript request form). Be sure to tell your college advisor if you have EDGE credits.

How can EDGE help me? 

If you take the right courses in high school/college, you can save on your college tuition costs. Community and technical colleges offer great careers with high-skill and high wage jobs available through one- and two-year programs. Students who take the college credit courses can sometimes earn a Certificate or Associate Degree in as little as one year after high school.

Who can participate in EDGE? 

All high school/college students can participate as long as the courses are connected to the skilled pathway in their cluster and major.

What are some examples of EDGE credits?

The college credits you can earn at New River CTC after graduating from high school are identified on the New River EDGE Credit Matrix.

How do I enroll in EDGE?

Talk with your high school/college counselor or teacher to confirm course participation in EDGE. Students enrolled in EDGE courses must pass the approved course with a grade of "C" or higher. You will also need to complete an EDGE transcript request form and submit it for college credit when the course is completed. You will receive your EDGE transcript at no cost to you. EDGE credits can be applied to a Certificate or an Associate Degree.

Where can I get more information? 

To get the EDGE advantage, speak with your counselor/teacher or contact Connie M. Fox by phone (304-256-0279) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

The EDGE Advantage at New River CTC:

  1. Jump starts your college education by earning you "free" community college credits while you're still in high school that apply toward a Certificate or Associate Degree.
  2. Saves you money on college tuition.
  3. Prepares you for success.
  4. Makes it possible for you to earn a Certificate or Associate Degree in as little as one year after high school.

The Southeastern EDGE Consortium, of which New River is a member, serves the schools in the counties of Fayette, Greenbrier, Mercer, Monroe, Nicholas, Pocahontas, Raleigh, Summers, and Webster.


Apply Now! (scroll to the bottom for application)

Congratulations on deciding to apply at New River Community and Technical College! We are excited to help you with your journey and taking your next step to a better future. You are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to avoid any delays with class registration or financial aid (if you qualify). If you have a question during the Admission and Enrollment process, please do not hesitate to call the toll free number and ask for the Office of Admissions on your local campus, 1-866-349-3739 or contact us directly:

Greenbrier Valley Campus: (304) 647-6565              Mercer County Campus: (304) 818-2012

Nicholas County Campus: (304) 883-2437               Raleigh County Campus: (304) 929-5469

Advanced Technology Center: (304) 929-3315         Toll free number:  866-349-3739                           

Office of Enrollment Services: (304) 929-5480


1. Apply for Admission (scroll to the bottom of page for application choices or apply in person)
2. Apply for financial aid (FAFSA)  Questions? Click here for Financial Aid Contact Numbers
3. Sign up and Complete Online Orientation (click on Orientation to begin)
4. Register for Classes (Click on Orientation link above to review what is needed before you may register. You will also find here the date you may start calling to schedule your appointment.
5. Pay Tuition and Fees (Business Office)
6. Purchase Books Online 
7. Attend Classes


You may find a list of degree and certificate programs offered at New River CTC by clicking this link- Certificate and Degree Program Listing, or you may view the list of the available degrees and certificates for the Advanced Technology Center, Raleigh County Campus, Greenbrier Valley Campus, Mercer County Campus, Nicholas County Campus , or One Room University.

If you are interested in taking courses to transfer to a 4 year state college or University, but you are not sure what you want to take (major in), it is best to choose General Studies. Click here to view programs


Semesters run January-May (Spring), Summer Term, August-December (Fall), and a special Winter Session. Often through New River CTC's Workforce Education department, select technical programs are offered in accelerated format. For New River CTC Workforce, click here or call 304-793-6101 for more information. For CDL program information, please call 304-793-6101.


Applications are accepted online thru (you must create an account) or by fillable PDF that may be returned by email or via a printed application. You may also request an application copy by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Questions related to the application may be directed to your local campus Office of Admissions staff or the Director of Enrollment Services, 304-929-5480. If you forgot your password, etc. for the online application, you will need to call CFWV directly.

WHAT TYPE OF STUDENT ARE YOU? (as asked on your Application for Admission)

Before applying for admission, review the Enrollment Categories to see what type of student you should apply as. Click here to view




Apply online


Download Application for Admission (PDF)

This application is sent through to New River CTC and requires set up of an account. or This PDF form may be printed and mailed or submitted by email. Completed forms should be emailed to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If at anytime you decide not to attend New River CTC after applying for admission, please call 304.929.5480 or your local campus Office of Admissions to withdraw your application for admission.


Please see our Student Orientation page for your next steps after applying, Orientation and Next Steps. Financial Aid may be contacted by calling the toll free number, 1-866-349-3739 and asking for Financial Aid, by numbers listed above, or by email. Click here for more information. Also ask financial aid about assistance in filling the FAFSA (free application for federal student aid). An EOC counselor may be able to walk you through the entire process.


EDGE Credit - Thank You!

Thank you for submitting the EDGE Transcript Request Form. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Connie Fox at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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