Human Resources

Board of Governors Policies

IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE WITH POLICIES, PLEASE CONTACT LEAH TAYLOR, VICE PRESIDENT FOR ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES AT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR 304-929-6701.

Board of Governors Policies

Policy 1 : Change in the Organization of Colleges, Schools, Divisions, Departments or Other Admin Units
Policy 2 : Repealed
Policy 3 : Repealed
Policy 4 : Sabbatical Leave
Policy 5 : Program Review
Policy 6 : Grade Point Average for Associate Degrees
Policy 7 : Assessment, Payment, and Refund of Fees
Policy 8 : Holidays
Policy 9 : Repealed
Policy 10 : Alcoholic Beverages on Campus
Policy 11 : Awarding of Undergraduate Fee Waivers
Policy 12 : Use of Institutional Facilities
Policy 13 : Social Justice
Policy 14 : Student Rights and Responsibilities
Policy 15 : Student Academic Rights
Policy 16 : Repealed
Policy 17 : Classified Employees
Policy 18 : Employee Leave
Policy 19 : Academic Freedom, Professional Responsibility, Promotion, and Tenure
Policy 20 : Ethics
Policy 21 : Standards and Procedures for Undergraduate Admissions
Policy 22 : Repealed
Policy 23 : Assignment of Academic Credit and Financing Noncredit Instruction
Policy 24 : Repealed
Policy 25 : Personnel Administration
Policy 26 : Productivity of Faculty and Administrators and Employment of Adjunct Part-Time Faculty
Policy 27 : Measles and Rubella Immunization
Policy 28 : Interinstitutional Cooperation and Sharing Between Public and Private Higher Education in West Virginia
Policy 29 : Purchasing
Policy 30 : Reduced Tuition and Fee Program for State Residents Who Are At Least Sixty-Five Years of Age
Policy 31 : Credit Card Solicitation on the New River Community and Technical College Campuses
Policy 32 : Community and Technical College Faculty Instructional Load
Policy 33 : Rules, Guidelines, and Other Policy Statements by Governing Board
Policy 34 : Board of Governors Meetings
Policy 35 : Classified Employee Salary Policy
Policy 36 : Catastrophic Leave
Policy 37 : Disposition of Surplus Equipment, Supplies and Materials
Policy 38 : Performance Evaluation: Classified and Non-Classified Employees
Policy 39 : Vacant
Policy 40: Repealed

30-Day Comment Period



Please email comments to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Operating Rules

Operating Rule 1 : Grant and External Funding Applications

Operating Rule 2 : Faculty/Administrator Emeritus

Operating Rule 3 : Classified Staff Emeritus

Operating Rule 5 : Prohibition of Weapons

Operating Rule 6 : Salary and Merit

Operating Rule 8 : Naming Designation for College Property

Operating Rule 10 : Tuition Waivers application

Operating Rule 11 : Website

Operating Rule 12 : President Emeritus(a) Status

Operating Rule 13 : Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Operating Rule 14 : Hiring

Operating Rule 15 : Capital Project Management

Operating Rule 16 : Computer Use

Operating Rule 17 : Sexual Harassment

Operating Rule 18 : Bookstore and Textbooks

Operating Rule 19 : Employing, Evaluating, and Responsibilities of the President

Operating Rule 20 : Personnel Development

Operating Rule 21 : Travel

Operating Rule 22 : Drug-Free Workplace

Operating Rule 23 : Tabacco Product-Free Campus

Human Resources

Job Postings

Human Resources provides comprehensive human resources services which are consistent with the mission and goals of New River Community and Technical College. Our goals are to provide communication to our customers in an open and responsive manner, with respect and dignity, while delivering quality services in a timely manner.

New River Community and Technical College is an AA/EOE/ADA Employer, committed to the principle that minorities, women, veterans, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. The College complies with all applicable federal and state laws designed to promote equal educational and employment opportunities. Please contact the Human Resource Office if you need assistance or reasonable accommodation in the application or hiring process. 


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Universal Availability Notice

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Retirement Checklist

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Policies and Procedures

Operating Rules and Board Policies

Operating Rules

Board of Governors Policies


College Procedures

New River Policies

New River Procedures


Classified Employee Handbook

Faculty Handbook

Crisis Response Manual

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Grievance Board

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Human Resources Contact Information

Resume/Position Inquiries
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax: (304) 929-6707
Phone: (304) 929-6709
Mailing Address:    
New River Community and Technical College
Office of Human Resources
280 University Drive
Beaver, WV 25813
Darlene Clement
Human Resources Assistant III
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (304) 929-6709
Kenny Smith
Human Resources/Payroll Assistant
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (304) 929-6718
Amanda L. Baker
Director of Human Resources
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (304) 929-6717
Leah Taylor
Vice President for Administrative Services
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (304) 929-6701

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New River Procedures


Procedure No. 1 : Travel

Procedure No. 2 : Book Advance Fund

Procedure No. 3 : Inclement Weather and Emergency Situation Procedure

Procedure No. 4 : Employment Search and Selection

Procedure No. 5 : New Employee Orientation

Procedure No. 6 : RSE Tiers

Procedure No. 7 : Faculty Evaluations

Procedure No. 8 : Summer Office Hours and Employee Work Schedules Procedures

Procedure No. 9  : Grants and External Funding Applications

Procedure No. 10 : Faculty / Administrator Emeritus

Procedure No. 11 : Classified Staff Emeritus

Procedure No. 12 : Drug-Free Workplace

Procedure No. 13 : Naming Designation Procedure for College Property, Academic Divisions, and Faculty Honorary Titles

Procedure No. 14 : Protocol and Response to Student Death

Procedure No. 15 : Influenza and Pandemic Outbreak

Procedure No. 16 : Protocol for Notification of Board of Governors, Employee, or Family Member Death

Procedure No. 17 : Website Maintenance

Procedure No. 18 : Repealed

Procedure No. 19 : Mobile Communication Device Procedure

Procedure No. 20 : Repealed

Procedure No. 21 : Computer Use

Procedure No. 22 : Social Media Procedure

Procedure No. 23 : Background Screening Procedure

Procedure No. 24 : Email Communication

Procedure No. 25 : Personnel Development

Procedure No. 26 : Freedom of Information Requests

Procedure No. 27 : Equal Opportunity, Nondiscrimination, Sexual Misconduct and Other Forms of Harassment

Procedure No. 28:  Academic Forgiveness

Procedure No. 29:  Course Cancellation

Procedure No. 30:  Definition of Credit Hours

Procedure No. 31:  Textbook Affordability

Procedure No. 32:  Directed Independent Study

Procedure No. 33:  Credentialing

Procedure No. 34:  Academic Program Review

Procedure No. 35:  External Public Relations

Procedure No. 36:  Procedures on Operating Rules, College Procedures, and Administrative Desk Procedures

Procedure No. 37:  Event Planning

Procedure No. 38:  Key and Access Card Distribution and Control of Access

Procedure No. 39: Student Withdrawal Procedure after Schedule Adjustment (Add/Drop) Period

Procedure No. 40: Bookstore Scholarship and Bookstore Scholarship Application

Prodedure No. 41: Student Drug Screening

Procedure No. 42: Records Retention - Retention & Disposal Schedule Form - Authorization to Destroy Records Form

Procedure No. 43: Faculty Workload

Procedure No. 44: Student Background Screening

Procedure No. 45: Tobacco Product-Free Campus

Procedure No. 49: Promotion and Tenure




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