Verification Form

Verification Form

This form gives permission for the Registrar's Office to send a letter out verifing a student's enrollment for a specific term. 

Before a letter is sent the Student must be registered and marked paid by the Business Office for that term.


Verification form

Transient Form

Transient Form

This form is used by New River Students to take transient hours from another institution for one term. If the student changes or drops these courses please notify the New River Registrar’s office in writing.

At the conclusion of the term, it is the student's responsibility to send an official transcript to the New River Community and Technical College Registrar’s office within thirty days. If the transcript is not received, a hold will be placed on your Student records.


Please send transcripts only to the address below:

Registrar's Office

New River Community and Technical College

280 University DR

Beaver, WV 25813



Occupational Development: Child Care Practitioner
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The Associate of Applied Science degree in Occupational Development—Child Care Practitioner is designed to provide special career training for those individuals who have completed a Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) in Child Development through the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship.

Primarily for those working in pre-elementary job positions, this program provides training in basic early childhood education as well as language arts, math, humanities, sciences, and cognate fields. The program is open only to those persons currently working in the specified educational area.

Permission of the Campus Dean is required prior to registration in the program.

Component I consists of a minimum of 22 college credits taken in the area of General Studies. Based on ACT/SAT or COMPASS scores, developmental courses in English or math may be required.

Component II consists of Technical Core/Occupational Specialty courses delivered by the College, Apprenticeship Program, or designated training program in the occupational area. The College awards 29 hours for this component.

Component III consists of on-the-job training in the occupational area. Clock hours are converted to credit hours for an award up to 13 credit hours.


Occupational Development

Child Care Practitioner

Total Degree Hours: 64


Evaluation Sheet




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