2014 Summer Fast Track Program

Many students entering New River Community and Technical College require skill development in areas of Reading, English, and Math. Traditionally, these students were directed into semester-long, developmental courses such as ENG 098 and 099 or Math 098 and 099 prior to enrolling in 101 courses for college credit. This summer, a new self-paced online program option is available that provides students the opportunity to build the necessary skills needed to bypass some or all of the developmental courses to achieve faster completion of college goals.

What is the Summer Fast Track Program?

This program is for students who have tested at less than fully successful in Reading, Writing, or Math based on their ACT or Accuplacer Scores. These students can enter the program to build needed skills and possibly attain skill mastery that will allow them to bypass one or more developmental courses.

How does the fast track program benefit the student?

Students will increase subject knowledge and potentially develop mastery in one or more subject areas that will allow them to avoid the associated developmental courses and save time, money, and financial aid dollars.

How does the program work?

Students who enter the program will take online placement tests in the subject(s) they wish to master. Learning paths are identified for each student based on these initial assessments. Personalized content modules are assigned by the program and completed by the student to develop knowledge mastery. Students work on modules at their own pace guided by online support, worked examples, videos, and animations in addition to on-site New River tutors. Progress is automatically scored and tracked.

How do students demonstrate overall subject mastery?

Completion of all learning modules within a subject will demonstrate mastery and allow students to bypass the associated developmental course. If a student does not complete all of the learning path modules, they will be allowed to demonstrate subject mastery by retaking the Accuplacer test.

What are the cost and requirements of the program?

The cost of 10-week access to the MyFoundationsLab program is $18.20. No other costs are associated with the program. Tutor assistance and computer lab access are provided at no charge. Students will be required to sign a contract with the College to devote at least 50 hours of study to program completion over the summer.

When and where will the program be run?

Students can begin the program on June 9th on the Mercer County campus. There will be live tutoring assistance available on campus for up to 20 hours per week through July 25th. Computer labs will be available for Fast Track students whenever the buildings are open. Students should plan to devote at least 50 hours to the program during the summer period. At least 25 hours of work must be completed on campus while additional hours can be performed at home or at any remote location with computer and internet access

For More Information, Please Contact:

Jim Fedders
Instructional Specialist of Developmental Education
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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