BANNER Database Links

Did you know that New River has multiple BANNER Databases available for use? We maintain the BANNER Production, Test, and Pre-Production databases in an effort to provide you with opportunities to test changes before going live. Following is a brief description of what each database is intended for:

BANNER Production: The working environment. This database contains our current production data for the institution.

BANNER Test: The testing environment. This database is generally refreshed from the production data monthly to provide a platform for training, testing upgrades, configurations, and modifications.

BANNER Pre-Production: This database is used for finalized testing and special project implementation. It is generally refreshed monthly or after a project completes.

In order to access the database and self-service products please navigate the links below:

Banner Database Menu

BANNER Production
BANNER Production Self-Service
BANNER Test Self- Service
BANNER Pre-Production
BANNER Pre-Production Self-Service


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BANNER XE Attendance Tracking

As New River begins the transition to BANNER XE, the first solution implemented will be Attendance Tracking. The Attendance Tracking module is used to record attendance and track attendance statistics for students by course. The data obtained will assist New River in observing attendance trends and identifying potentially at-risk students. Attendance Tracking is scheduled for release for the Spring 2014 term.

Attendance Tracking uses a hierarchy, working from the term level downwards. Attendance rules can be applied by term, subject, course number, section, or class meeting. Methods for tracking attendance consist of present/absent, total contact hours, or total absence hours. These tracking units work within the attendance rule hierarchy and different methods may be applied as needed.

Attendance Tracking is accessible through Banner Self-Service for both faculty and students. Faculty can record attendance, as well as apply notified absence and extended absence information to individual students. Faculty also have additional options, such as updating the attendance information for each course or setting specific class meetings as cancelled. Students may also view attendance information for each of their enrolled courses.

Degree Works Access for Students

Degree Works is a web-based advisement tool which may be used as a road map towards students’ graduation. Degree Works matches student academic and course history against the degree requirements as defined in the course catalog. The Degree Works tool provides degree audits for students enrolling under the 2011-2012 academic catalog or later. It may also provide guidance on recommended future course requirements. Advisors and students may use the tool to evaluate progress through a degree program. Currently all students, advisors, faculty and administrators have access to Degree Works.

At the current time, Students may log into Degree Works by performing the following actions:

  • Log into BANNER Self-service.
  • Select the Student Information Menu
  • Select the Degree Works – Student Degree Audit link.
  • After reviewing your Degree Works audit, Click the Back to Self-Service button

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Degree Works Self-Service Faculty Access

Degree Works access via BANNER Self-Service is implemented for Faculty and Advisors. By accessing Degree Works through BANNER Self-Service there is no need to remember a secondary username or password to access the Degree Works product. Individuals must be assigned Faculty or Advisor roles within BANNER before gaining access to Degree Works.


Directions to Degree Works Self-Service

  1. Login to BANNER Self-Service
  2. Click the Faculty and Advisors menu item
  3. Click the Student Information Menu item
  4. Click DegreeWorks – Faculty
  5. Select a Term
  6. Enter a Student ID or Search for a Student By Name
  7. Click Submit (Review the name if prompted and Click Submit again)
  8. Review the DegreeWorks Audit
  9. Click the Back to Self-Service link to return to BANNER Self-Service

BANNER XE Functional Webinar Series

What is Banner XE?


During early second quarter, Ellucian ™ announced Ellucian XE: The Ellucian Extensible Ecosystem. Ellucian XE is a new approach to a combined architectual structure supporting BANNER, Colleague, and PowerCampus. Ideally this update will provide the ability to roll out solutions in an expedited manner. We've compiled the links below to Ellucian's™ webinar series so that you may obtain a general overview of the future plans for BANNER.


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